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We write this review with more than a little wistfulness in our words, for FRU is an example of what could have been, should have been... Much has been written about Kinect, its mandatory status (quickly reversed) blamed for the high launch price and weak sales. The peripheral itself is now almost an embarrassment to the Xbox brand, and the new Xbox One S doesn't even have a dedicated Kinect port. But FRU developer Through Games screwed their courage to the sticking place and held firm. They should be applauded for continuing to believe in FRU, and themselves, even as Microsoft pulled the Kinect ... Read More »
Motion-sensing peripheral Kinect has a had a rough time of it - an early casualty of the botched Xbox One launch, it's been blamed for everything from the Xbox sales position to living room snooping by the NSA (yes, really.) Now that the Xbox One S doesn't support the Kinect without an adapter, its fall from grace seems complete. Except... well, re REALLY like Kinect. We still think it's worthwhile. And so, it seems, does development team Through Games, if their forthcoming ID@XBOX title FRU is anything to go by. FRU is a puzzle platformer that features an innovative use ... Read More »

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