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We all knew that when the Rise of Iron DLC hit we were not going to hit the 400 level cap as it was lowered temporarily to 385.  Well today, Destiny community manager Deej announced in the weekly “This Week at Bungie” update that guardians will be able to reach 400 light on October 18th at 6pm in the UK.  This will be the release of patch 2.4.1.  The heroic mode of the Wrath of the Machine raid will follow up at 4 hours later. So how do you get to 400 light?  Bungie had this to say in the … Read More »

This week at Bungie the fires of Iron Banner were lit again. Efrideet has joined Saladin, just across the way from the Iron Temple. She’s changing the ways in which Guardians prepare for battle against their true enemies. Iron Banner has a new Bounty system. The fight is a rewarding experience, no matter which day you choose to participate. Have you ventured deep below the Plaguelands to destroy Aksis? If you have not, there is still time to increase your Light, form up a dream team, and embark on the mission. If you have completed that mission, the truest test … Read More »

This week is also known as the one done late because someone fell asleep last night……. In non-editor related news, This Week at Bungie has seen the foundation being laid for the Rise of Iron, and some pesky beaver problems. Sometimes preparation leads to unforeseen complications. Some BEAVER error type complications. Hot Fix should have put them to bed, anyway. Still, we’ve got some news, though most of it doesn’t concern Destiny itself: Bungie are teaming together with charity Stack Up to help bring military veterans to PAX 2016, and raise money/awareness. It’s a noble cause, and you can get … Read More »

Who likes new Sparrows? Who am I kidding? We all do. Look at this Gjallarwing! This sweet baby is your’s on September 20th… but only if you pre-order Rise of Iron. After that, who knows if you’ll get it again… This Week At Bungie, it was confirmed that Bungie are making an appearance at Gamescom in Cologne. In fact, they’ll be live streaming some upcoming additions to the Crucible. Should be fun. Anyway, let’s break this week down: We get a peak behind the curtain of Bungie Day, not for the community, but the creators. Seems like the whole studio … Read More »

This Week is a week for rejoicing, as Bungie have officially turned 25! Also, Bungie Day turns 10! The community founded celebration of all things Bungie, alongside being a thank you to said community, has grown a lot over the years, and no doubt Bungie are thankful for the support. Still, this isn’t all fun and games. We’ve still got some news to cover people, so let’s get into it: The Moments of Triumph are a series of challenges designed to get the most out of the Guardians of the Tower. Bungie have now issued the challenge to do the … Read More »

This Week At Bungie, we stand on familiar ground: nothing to talk about. However, DeeJ lays down the law when it comes to the lead up to Rise of Iron: Next week is July 7th, otherwise known as Bungie Day, so expect some kind of blowout community celebration to commemorate the occasion. Maybe even some new info regarding Rise of Iron or where Destiny could be going beyond that… DeeJ, in his law-laying statement, makes reference to the coming “constructs of action and adventure” that’ll be dropping over the next few months and years. It’s interesting, even if it’s already … Read More »

This Week, Bungie have been busy making sure everything is functioning without issue. Tough job, and it’s not without a few sacrifices… Sorry Hunters. A new feature which showcased your friends in activities has been met with a positive response, but ended up being broken. Hot Fix intends to fix all that, so if you encountered problems, it should be sorted. DPS have been putting in the overtime, by the sounds of things. Trials of Osiris looks set to return as soon as tomorrow, with Iron Banana’s In Pyjamas coming next week. It’s all a matter of getting the balancing … Read More »

As the Barenaked Ladies probably said, it’s been One Week since the official reveal from Bungie about the Rise of Iron expansion coming to Destiny on September 20th. But that’s a few months away. We’re more concerned with what’s going on this week: The June Update dropped this week, coming with a collection of buffs, debuffs, PvE and PvP changes and fixes, and perhaps most importantly… Some new Chroma colours. Just in time for the summer fashion season. Fresh from his appearance in the Rise of Iron trailers. “Hollywood” Lord Saladin shall be hitting the tower to sign autographs and … Read More »

It’s happening, boys and girls. Bungie are prepping for a new announcement stream taking place next Thursday at 10am PST (5pm GMT, so maybe try and get off work early), and they’ll be detailing the new threat facing the Guardians of the Tower. Will it be Rise of Iron? Maybe. Find out next week. In the meantime, it’s a super slow news week… It’s a carnage report you never really knew you needed or asked for, as Bungie have revealed the stats for the most recent Iron Banner event. 6,556,390 hours in combat? That’s impressive. Pat on the back guys, well … Read More »

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