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About a month ago, we covered the release of Curve Digital's Instant Indie Collection Volume 1, a bundle of a indie games packaged at a reduced price. Well, they're back again with the inventively titled Instant Indie Collection Volume 2. Whilst the previous collection focused primarily on platforming titles, this Friday's release is much more eclectic mix, containing the likes of procedurally-generated heist game The Swindle, sports game Pumped BMX + or "Trials on a bicycle", and sci-fi strategy/puzzle hybrid Nova-111. Volume 2 will set you back £20, which is £10 cheaper than buying the three games separately, so if you're ... Read More »
The Swindle is the ultimate game of Risk vs. Reward, do you get out while you can with what money you have, or do you try for that one last pile of cash and risk getting caught or dying? But I am getting ahead of myself, lets talk basics. The Swindle is a 2D side-scrolling “Heist em up”, where you are presented with a randomly generated level in which you have to get out with all or as much of the money available as possible, the premise for your endeavours, Scotland Yard (this is set in 1869 steampunk London) is ... Read More »
The Swindle, a steampunk cybercrime caper, is a game now available at the Xbox Store. The game is simply about breaking in to buildings, (that are all randomly generated which means you will never play the same thing twice) hacking computers and stealing all possible cash and run away before the police can catch you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MAO0DG1468 When not on a heist, you spend your time in outer space at your airship, where you can upgrade and modify your thief's skills and tools, allowing you to break into even bigger buildings filled with even more cash. The game is available now ... Read More »

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