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The world of MMORPGs is a strange one right now. In a way, the variety has become a little less varied, though that could be because those "old skool" versions like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft have been around for such a long time now. This is especially so in the console world, where genres have mixed so much that games such as Destiny and The Division have created a cocktail of shooter-slash-"mmo's". However, if you still fancy some of the more classic (and at times hardcore) RPG online games, Neverwinter mixes the old with the new and is available ... Read More »
Anyone here still play Neverwinter? Your experience is about to get expanded, as Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Games have announced that The Maze Engine, another piece of DLC which follows on from The Underdark, will be coming to the Xbox One. This latest offering promises to bring all the major players of the Dungeons and Dragons mythos together, including Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc, Bruenor Battlehammer and Regis, to fight the villains of Baphomet and Orcus, ensuring fans of the franchise will be interested. Concerning the gameplay itself, you can expect a new campaign questline, new gameplay features and customisation for your mounts, ... Read More »

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