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FIVE days to go! Not that we're counting or anything... And although you may have thought that there was little left to keep 'The Division Express' at full speed, Ubisoft Massive have decided to go and release an official trailer. We agents-in-sleeping may be jumping with excitement and simply want the 8th March to come along that much quicker, but the new trailer shows the reality of the setting within the game and how grim things are really looking in such a post-apocalyptic New York. Queue additional drool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvIObK5tJF4 Included are some new shots of the stunning terrain, glimpses into the ... Read More »
Were you one of the participants in last months closed Beta for Tom Clancy's The Division? Ubisoft have provided us with stats on what we got up to when we were roaming the streets of New York. We played for a total of 621,653,358 minutes, with one player spending 90 out of the 120 hours exploring the city! There were 6,887,218 games played with a total of 298,031,224 kills made, with the M4 being the most used weapon. 14,995,669,168 bullets were fired and 9,288,002 grenades thrown over the course of the beta. The Dark Zone was an extremely popular place ... Read More »
Ubisoft has released a Christmas themed live-action trailer for The Division. The video is shot at the Fox Studios lot in LA and is directed by Xavier Gens (Hitman). A young boy standing in the middle of a snowy street begins to sing "Silent Night." A beautiful carol that then........well I wont spoil it for you but it takes a dark and eerie turn! Check it out below - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfbLGKNfrrU The Division launches on 8th March 2016 on Xbox One. Everyone who pre-orders the game gets access to a beta that is scheduled to begin in early 16, but there is ... Read More »

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