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Welcome to another day Agents! Here’s the daily information for you on June 8th 2016 Daily Missions HARD: General Assembly - 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material HARD: WarrenGate Power Plant - 10 PxC, Blue Crafting Material CHALLENGE: Russian Consulate - 20 PxC, Yellow Crafting Material Daily Assignments Combat: 5 Skill Kills - 10 PxC Crafting: 6 Blue Items Deconstructed - 1 D-Tech Dark Zone: 5 Veteran Enemies Eliminated - 7,500 Dz XP Daily HVT Officer Sgt. Stine - 5 Intel - 15 PxC Marconi - 5 Intel - 15 PxC Cmd. Thurston - 10 Intel - 20 PxC Cpt. Mayor - 10 Intel - 20 PxC ... Read More »
Yesterday we covered a story on The Division's lack of Dailies, which can be read HERE, and today we will be following up on that very same story. Whilst Ubisoft were out partying in celebration of the release of The Division the game was in turmoil and players were faced with a stark reality. There were no dailies to net them all important Pheonix Credits. https://twitter.com/UbiMassive/status/718801830168436737 Many hoped that this would be a one night issue but, unfortunately for the likely hungover staff of Ubisoft and Massive, the issues have tracked over to a second day. If you log into The ... Read More »

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