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The Division Open Beta: Daily Brief #3

The Division kicked off its open beta on Thursday for Xbox One owners and Friday for PS4 & PC too. Ubisoft are doing daily info updates for the open beta. They have released a couple of pro-tip videos straight from the developers to give you some insight into some features that you might not know about. Today’s pro-tip video covers the intricacies of the consumable wheels and how you can gain quick advantages against your opponents. Environment Artist Mathew O’Halloran gives us some advice on how to use the consumable wheel to pack that extra punch during intense battles. Be sure to check out … Read More »

The Division Open Beta – Daily Brief #2

The Division kicked off its open beta yesterday for Xbox One owners and is now live for PS4 & PC too. Ubisoft are doing daily info updates for the open beta. They have released a couple of pro-tip videos straight from the developers to give you some insight into some features that you might not know about. Today’s pro-tip features more information on matchmaking from the mega map. UI Designer Alexander Weatherston shows how the Mega Map can be used for matchmaking with other players to form a squad. Check it out below! Yesterday you were tasked with assisting as many … Read More »

The Division BETA: Extended.

Really that title tells you all you need to know boys and girls but for those of you out there who are sticklers for the minor details they are something like this. Ubisoft seem to have been surprised, pleasantly so, at the overwhelming demand there has been for access to the BETA of their latest big project. As such the good people over at Ubisoft have decided to extend the BETA as confirmed in the quote below posted to their official forums by community manager Natchai Stappers. Over the last few days, we’ve seen an incredible amount of excitement for … Read More »

The Division Closed Beta Known Issues

As with all games, they are never free from bugs and glitches by the Beta testing stage. And The Division is no different, Ubisoft have outlined quite an intensive list of known issues discovered so far in the Beta. The full list if below, but looking over it nothing appears to be to major an issue for a game so close to its full release. Performance Capture cards – Players using Windows 10 will experience corrupted video signal output when using an external video capture card/device. Models affected: Atomos Assassin, Elgato Gaming HD60, Atomos Shogun and potentially more Textures – … Read More »

The Division Beta Coming January?

The Division is one of the most anticipated titles coming this year on March 8th, the Alpha that recently landed was just a glimpse of this open world shooter and alot of gamers are waiting for the Beta before pre-ordering and buying the full game. It seems it could be likely thanks to a an email from third party seller earlier this week that suggested The Division Beta could possibly be starting January 29th. As this was a third party email and not official it doesn’t carry a huge amount of weight but due to the release date it seemed … Read More »

The Division Will Be Playable Solo

The Division is a game I have high hopes for. Ubisoft’s idea for their brand new MMO RPG Shooter is big and bold, but it’s an idea that has the potential to be brilliant. During the demo below, shown back at E3, Ubisoft demonstrated how the game will challenge your trust in other players. Although the game is built with multiplayer in mind, Ubisoft’s Community Developer Hamish Bode has revealed that you will be able to play the game solo if you want to. However, you will have to take on a ‘jack of all trades’ roll when it comes to customisation. “For example: I could … Read More »

Tom Clancy’s The Division “The Dark Zone” PVP Reveal

Tom Clancy’s The Division will have a special player versus player area called “The Dark Zone”, Ubisoft revealed during their E3 show. In “The Dark Zone” you can find rare and valuable loot, but there’s the risk of being killed quickly, by anyone. Even teammates. Check out the gameplay reveal below, followed by a trailer for the game. Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to launch 8th March, 2016. A closed beta will be available December this year on Xbox One; sign up here. Xbox One UK will be reporting the news from E3 all week, and if you’d like to get that … Read More »

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