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While its been known for a while now that Telltale Games were going to develop a new Batman game along the same lines as Walking Dead. It’s just come to light the possibility of a release date for the episodic Batman Game. The head of Telltale Games Creative Communications took to Twitter and tweeted this: 'BATMAN – The Telltale Series' will premiere this summer@TheWalkingDead's 3rd season will premiere this fall#E32016 begins in 1 week ūüėČ — Job J Stauffer (@jobjstauffer) June 5, 2016 On first glance of this tweet what immediately stuck out to me was the Summer confirmation of … Read More ¬Ľ

Veteran developer Warren Spector has encouraged designers to create more games than encourage player agency and ‚Äėcollaborative storytelling‚Äô, while singling out the likes of Uncharted, Heavy Rain and Telltale‚Äôs The Walking Dead for¬†failing to make the most of the medium. Opening his keynote¬†at PAX Aus 2015 earlier today, the Deus Ex creator told the audience: ‚ÄúWe are all part of a medium nothing else can do: collaborative storytelling. And I think it‚Äôs important that we embrace that capability.‚ÄĚ The seasoned designer re-iterated on several occasions that player experience and the ability to express themselves in a game should always comes … Read More ¬Ľ

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