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Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka recently interviewed with Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese about the goings-on with the studio as of late. They have been working on a new open world fantasy game, that will sport RPG elements similar to Dying Light, and will feature both a single-player and co-operative multiplayer. Curiously, when asked about the other game they’ve been working on, they played coy. Both of the new titles they’ve been working on have been in development for more than a year now, and have large teams working on them; somewhere to the tune of about 300 people split between the two studios, in Warsaw … Read More »

It seems due to the new update The Following coming this month on the 9th the developers are ceasing to ship physical copies of the original version, which will now only be available while stocks last. The digital version will also become unavailable from the 9th too. So what ever your plans are for Dying Light make your choice quick otherwise there wont be one. From us at the team all we can say is regardless of which you choose you will be entertained and hooked. Original source: @DyingLightGame Please be sure to like our Facebook page, follow our Facebook … Read More »

What mysteries are awaiting you in this AAA zombie smash We have all heard of ‘Dying Light’ haven’t we, it is right up there with the best when it comes to zombie games. So when the genius minds at ‘Techland’ announced the details of ‘The Following’, it sent the hype train into overdrive. So make sure you’re in a safe house, all doors and windows barricaded just in case as we are about to learn more about ‘The Following’. Near enough following straight on from the final events, we find ourselves with ‘Kyle Crane’ and his group of survivors a … Read More »

Techland’s phenomenal zombie game Dying Light was released nearly a year ago. Techland have now announced that they will be releasing an enhanced edition at the beginning of next year and it will give you “everything you need for the ultimate zombie slaying experience.” So far Dying light has received several updates and two DLC packs called Cuisine & Cargo and The Bozak Horde. There is a third in the pipeline, The Following, but we still don’t have an official release date for that as of yet. The enhanced Edition will include all of the downloadable content so it is … Read More »

With Dying Light getting its expansion called Dying Light: The Following, one of the features to be in the new expansion is vehicles. With this, Techland has released a part of the new automotive brand: SILAS Motors, which specialise around making your cars the ultimate weapon. The first vehicle showcased is the “SILAS All-Terrain Dirt Buggy“. The vehicle is being designed with a “Driver’s Survival First” attitude, in response to the growing number of threats on the road these days. Using proprietary protective technology, the vision is to arm drivers with the right tools to deal with the current and … Read More »

Are you one of those, like me, that still haven’t played Dying Light yet? Maybe you didn’t know wether the game was good or maybe it was because of something else. Well fear not because developers Techland has globally released a 3 hour demo, including a story chain quest, side quests, random encounters and much more. The demo also features the core gameplay mechanics such as the day/night cycle, movement system and crafting. It also supports up to 4 player co-op. So if you have friends that want to try it as well, now is just the time to do … Read More »

Real phone number in game, why not give it a call Have you ever wanted to give Harran City a quick call just to see how things are, well now you can courtesy of their phone number being in the game. This is a nice little Easter Egg in the game and can be found on the back of a yellow car on the highway, just east of the east-most Fluorescent Mushroom icon on the slums map. The number is 1-661-320-4146 and you’ll get through to an answering machine which states: “Welcome to Harran City Hall. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we … Read More »

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