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Titanfall 2 Tech-Test Patch Notes

It appears that Respawn Entertainment is being very proactive in patching and creating the best experience possible for Titanfall 2.  On the Titanfall official forum, Respawn has posted some patch notes for this weekend’s Tech Test.  The full details are listed below: TIME TO KILL Amped Weapons Boost now unlocks at 80% of the earn meter instead of 50%. Charge Rifles now have damage falloff at cross map distances. Slightly increased cloak visibility for other Pilots. We think the abundance of Amped Weapons is a large contributor to lower time to kill. We’re still adjusting individual weapon balance for ship. … Read More »

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test Results

Did you play last weekends Titanfall 2 Tech Test? What did you think about it? Was it as good as expected or was it below par? Well, thanks to everyone who took part Respawn/EA were able to gather a lot of very helpful information regarding how the game fared, and of course some feedback and just what people thought of it. Some of these changes have already been addressed and will be updated for weekend two of the tech test, with other changes making it into the final game. What issues arose and what are they going to do about them for … Read More »

Titanfall 2’s Resolution On Xbox One Now Revealed

So it appears Respawn Entertainment is doing everything to keep Titanfall 2 running on current generation consoles they can to keep gameplay as fast and smooth as possible.  The tech test from the previous weekend allowed us to see the game running at it’s native resolution, which appears to be 720p on Xbox One.  This is actually a slight downgrade from the original Titanfall as it ran at 792p.  Does this mean Respawn Entertainment downgraded the quality for Titanfall 2?  Not at all! Titanfall was at the launch of the Xbox One and was limited to only a resolution without … Read More »

Titanfall 2 Test: Respawn Responds To Feedback

The first Pre – Alpha test for Titanfall 2 is complete and already there have been a lot of mixed reviews about the gameplay. The feedback has been sent to Respawn Entertainment and they are listening to the fans, they are working on fixes to the problems and tweaking their settings to make the game more appealing to those that aren’t sure about it yet. As they stated, the game is still in development and we only got a glimpse of a very tiny portion of what they will be releasing in October. Some people claim it’s too CoD like … Read More »

Titanfall 2 Beta Tech Test Revealed?

Most gamers know and are familiar with beta tests.  It’s a great way to check out a game early and give developers some assistance in QA as well as get the opinion of the actual customers.  But what a tech test?  Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, has put out about a tech test coming for Titanfall 2. Tech test will be VERY soon for #Titanfall2, getting excited! — Vince Zampella (@VinceZampella) August 14, 2016 Follow up tweets give a time frame saying “I’d say keep the next two weekends free“.  Vince also followed up again stating that this is … Read More »

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