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Ark: Survival Evolved Is Getting A Major New Content Update

Studio Wildcard, the creators of Ark: Survival Evolved have announced today that players can expect a fresh content pack, (v255) to arrive on Xbox One very, very soon. Players will also be pleased to hear that the update will come as a free download – result! So what does the new update include? We have been told to expect, “a plethora” of TEK Tier Technology including a complete set of TEK building structures, an impenetrable, “TEK Forcefield” and customisable, “TEK Outdoors” to complete the futuristic new bases.  That in itself wouldn’t be a particularly exciting update so you will also be … Read More »

ARK: Survival Evolved Cross Ark Cluster Servers Have Been Wiped

As Gamers we are a divisive lot. We have very differing views on a great many things and are not adverse to a little friendly discussion. There is one thing however that unites nearly all of us, and that is our dislike of cheaters. Those who people who use little (or large) tricks and fiddles to get around the restrictions of the game to gain an unfair advantage on us that work hard, playing the game properly are the scourge of many an online game. This is something that the people at Wildcard Studios have struggled with on their game … Read More »

Ark Servers Have Just Gone Down!

Whilst out riding my mammoth collecting wood I was rudely booted back to the home screen, panic set in as Manny is now out there alone, in the wilderness and set to passive! Try as I might I haven’t been able to log back into the North American server I was on. In fact, I’m not able to log into ANY NA server at this time. And this is why: We are experiencing some downtime with a collection of servers. We are in touch with our host & will get them back online as soon as we can. — Jen (@bubblywums) … Read More »

Arks Recent Patch Hasn’t ‘Patched Things Up’

Are you an Ark fan? Is the game causing you some issues at the moment? You’re probably aware that since the redwood biome update Ark has had an issue. And it’s quite a big issue at that – the game is continually force closing on you. Not a good thing if you happen to be flying your quetz to go get some metal, fighting an alpha rex or even doing a simple tame. The annoyance level of being booted back to the dashboard is tremendous. Studio Wildcard were quick to remedy this issue with the release of Patch Version 738.3. Designed to fix … Read More »

New Biomes Inbound In Ark:Survival Evolved

Ark :Survival evolved is still evolving, and the next BIG change is the implementation of the new biome’s. As stated in the patch notes this a major environmental change and one that comes with some risks. This new update will be implemented on PC on May 30th, and Xbox should receive this update within 4 weeks after date that based on previous scheduled updates.   So just what are we looking at above? Redwood Biome: The red area is about to be changed into a new Redwood biome. This according to the Devs will result it ‘substantial terrain change’ and as … Read More »

Free-To-Play Ark: Survival Of The Fittest Could Be On Its Way

For the past few months many of us have been losing ourselves in a world of survival and dinosaurs. Ark: Survival Evolved has taken the world by storm and now the developer, Studio Wildcard, have announced that they will be launching a free-to-play version of the game called Ark: Survival of the Fittest. The developer is calling Ark: Survival of the Fittest a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (MOSA) and the game is set to target the eSports community. There will be “ELO Ranking, Match-Making, Leaderboards, Pro-Tier Monthly Cash Prizes, and more.” In a press statement developer Studio Wildcard said “Originally, … Read More »

ARK: Survival Evolved April Update Unleashes New Enemies and Loot Caves

Hunting dinosaurs, taming dinosaurs, building settlements, do you need any more reasons to play Xbox One’s ARK: Survival Evolved? How about this – the latest update, expected to hit on 7th April, promises to bring yetis, scorpions, bats and literal loot caves. Despite a lawsuit that’s threatening ARK’s survival, Studio Wildcard, the brains behind the hit game, are ploughing on and continuing to support it. That’ll keep the fans happy – particularly when they learn what’s coming in this latest update, which hit the PC last week. In a Reddit post, Jat Karunakaran, the developer’s Community Manager, discussed what survivors … Read More »

Fans Try To Help Save Ark: Survival Evolved

Recently it has been made public that Studio Wildcard, the Developers behind Ark:Survival Evolved, are entangled in a bitter legal dispute with Trendy Entertainment. If you haven’t heard then take a look at our previous article here. This legal battle could possibly see the game put on hold indefinitely, or the worst case is this could end up being the end of Ark: Survival evolved completely. Ark has a massive following of devoted fans, a great feat seeing as the game isn’t even out yet. As its stands Ark is still in the Xbox Preview Program awaiting completion. When the news … Read More »

Ark: Survival Evolved Being Closed Down?

Ark: Survival Evolved has been a huge hit, first on Pc and now on Xbox. But things could be taking a turn for the worse. A problem has arose that may cause the game to be shut down. If this was to happen then no doubt it would be removed from Steam and Xbox Live with immediate effect. So what’s the problem? Well a law suit that’s what. Studio Wildcard, the studio behind Ark, are being sued by Trendy Entertainment. A lawsuit, filed late last year, alleges that there’s a messy story behind the development of Ark. The lawsuit alleges … Read More »

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