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Another music streaming app, Pandora, will play background music on Xbox One, joining others including Microsoft’s own Groove Music. That’s according to Xbox don, Mike Ybarra, who announced that over the next 24 hours the Pandora app will receive an update that allows background music. Pandora will update over the next 24 hours to include background music on Xbox One functionality! #Xbox — ♏️ike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) August 29, 2016 This means that users of the service will be able to listen to their own music collections while they game (Try trash metal Minecraft, for instance). When they rolled out the … Read More »

Looks like Mircosoft have some plans to change the way you consume your livestreams through your Xbox. It was announced on Xbox Wire that Microsoft have purchased the up and coming livestreaming service Beam, for an undisclosed sum. Unlike Twitch, Beam has a focus on the audience interacting with the livestreamer, whether that be through giving the streamer different challenges on Minecraft, or picking their loadouts in a multiplayer game. In the blog post on Xbox Wire, Chad Gibson, Partner Group Manager for Xbox Live has this to say: “We at Xbox are excited about this convergence between playing and watching, … Read More »

So playing your Xbox One games on a Windows 10 mobile may well become a thing, if one Reddit user is to be believed. You can check it out yourself by opening up the mobile Xbox app and heading to the Game Hub of any game you own. Here you’ll see the streaming icon and ‘Play from Console’ – it used to say ‘Play on Console’. Hit it and… And nothing. The user reported seeing a streaming bar at the top of the screen, before receiving one of two error messages. If the console’s not linked to your Xbox One app, … Read More »

Microsoft has made a stealthy announcement today – a partnership with TV giant HBO. So now, fans of Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and True Detective can get all their televisual fix just by downloading the app from the Xbox One dashboard. On their official site, Microsoft states… With HBO NOW on Xbox One get instant access to ALL of HBO – every episode of every season of HBO’s addictive original series, the biggest and latest hit movies, and so much more. No TV package required! Just one tiny little catch. The service is only available … Read More »

While the virtual reality revolution continues to pick up pace, Microsoft’s AR headset is quietly carving its own path. The Hololens developer kit went on sale after the company’s Build conference, and since then we’ve heard… Not much. Until now. It’s now confirmed: the new headset will definitely have the ability to stream the Xbox One directly to Hololens, thanks to the Windows 10 Xbox app. That makes sense. Gamers already have the ability to stream their console directly to their Windows 10 desktops and laptops – so it’s natural that the option is also available for the AR device. … Read More »

We’re here! The Division release day has arrived and some people in the world are already playing the game. And with that, many streamers that will include some of us at XboxOneUk.com showing our ugly interesting faces. So how many is “many”? At the time of posting, and as you can see below, the game has shot into 5th place most streams on Twitch with over 30,000 viewers watching 4415 streamers which I can only imagine will increase over the day and following weeks. As people are learning and leveling their new characters, exploring the world and, in some cases … Read More »

It’s upgrade time! If you are anything like me, an opportunity to review the latest capture card by gaming hardware giants Elgato is enough to send you into a frenzy, and boy I have been in a frenzy of epic proportions! Back at the end of December 2014 I upgraded my streaming equipment to incorporate the very impressive HD60 which allows streaming and recording of game content at 1080p and 60 frames a second. This previous card is still in high demand and for good reason, it maintains a highly competitive position in the market of external capture cards. Here … Read More »

YouTube’s getting serious about gaming with dedicated app As you may of noticed, the trend of watching people gaming is definitely rising. You can tune in to see the best of the best, get hints and tips, see a full game walk through, find hidden Easter Eggs or watch people like me that basically suck at a whole new level. However you look at it, it’s become a pretty big thing where streaming sites like Twitch are having their own conventions but the real question is: how do you make yourself stand out on YouTube? Luckily the answer is now being supplied, give … Read More »

New details on streaming and more So many details have been expected from Oculus VR’s pre-E3 press conference in Los Angeles and we have not been disappointed. However few could predict that Xbox boss Phil Spencer would take the stage to talk about how the Oculus Rift would work with Microsoft products, yet the executive did just that with a host of exciting news items to share. Among other things he confirmed that Windows 10 users would be able to use the operating system’s inbuilt streaming function to bring Xbox One titles to the Oculus Rift head-mounted display, or HMD for short. … Read More »

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