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Survival horror at it’s finest What scares you the most, we all have a certain something that sends chills down our necks. Ranging from clowns and dolls to being trapped or falling, all these things have a fear factor. How does solving puzzles in order to save your life sound, does it scare you or intrigue you? Either way, we have an absolute chiller for you titled ‘ENKI’ so let’s take a look at what is coming. You find yourself in a dimly lit cellar, locked and trapped inside so what do you do now? You need to quickly figure … Read More »

ENKI New First-Person Survival Horror Game

At E3 2015 a new survival horror game was announced at Microsoft’s Xbox conference, a whole new IP, ENKI. ENKI is a first person survival horror game, it will be repeatable with multiple endings with an extensive randomization system which ensures that every play through whether you die or not will be different. You are set on a time limit and locked in a dark cellar and you must figure out what has happened and how to escape the clutches of a serial killer. you will be able to find objects to help you aid your escape, you will also have to solve … Read More »

NERO – Mesmerising Announcement Trailer and Details

NERO is a puzzle game, a first-person game, and a game that’s inviting players to “explore and experience emotions and feelings that are uncommon in video games.” Through the next-generation of consoles NERO’s developer, Storm in a Teacup, are aiming to redefine the visual novel genre. It’s also an Xbox One exclusive, and judging by the announcement trailer it’s beautiful, too.   NERO is the first game from Storm in a Teacup, an indie studio formed by industry veterans in mid-2013 and based in Rome. When speaking to Eurogamer last year, Alberto Belli, co-founder of Storm in a Teacup, explained, “When we pitched the game … Read More »

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