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Will the music app be coming across to console? Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, was seen using the app, which stated that it was specifically designed for the Xbox console. A screenshot has emerged of 'Major Nelson' (Hryb's Gamertag) using the app. While Hryb hasn't responded to any comments on the matter, he has been active in other areas. With it stating that the app was 'for Xbox', any notion that he was using the Windows version of the app has been shot down. In light of the release of the Xbox One ... Read More »
Spotify, the music streaming app, and Sony, purveyors of electronics, have a special relationship - after all, the Japanese company axed its own streaming service - Music Unlimited - to partner with the Swedish streaming brand. As a result, there's no sign that an official Spotify app will be appearing on our Xboxes any time soon. If you are looking for an alternative, you might want to consider Spoticast. Spoticast bills itself as Spotify with music videos - but it instead of drawing on Spotify's millions and millions of tracks directly, it asks you to link your Spotify account and does its best to ... Read More »
As part of an update coming next month we will finally be getting the ability to play background music on the Xbox One. As of yet however we are unsure how this is going to work, whether you will need to have the music on your hard drive or if you'll be able to use a USB drive? You may also be able to play music from some streaming sites. One of these sites won't be Spotify however. In a tweet they confirmed that they will be continuing with there exclusive partnership with another company (and we all know who ... Read More »

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