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Bioware Confirms It, Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Reveal Incoming

Attention commanders – if you’ve been eagerly awaiting Mass Effect, prepare yourselves: We now know when to expect our first glimpse at the gameplay. Mass Effect: Andromeda is, by and large, still an unknown entity. We know that it features a different protagonist to the original trilogy’s Shepard, and that we can look forward to some intergalactic excursions in a world set 600 years after the original Mass Effect. That’s not much to go on, and Bioware are staying fairly tight-lipped. But what we do know is that we’ll be seeing gameplay for the very first time on December 1st. … Read More »

Astroneer; Boldly going where no game has gone before.

Space, the final frontier. It is a void into which the imagination of gamers, directors and authors has frequently been drawn to like a moth towards the light as they try to fill it with their own tales of adventure, survival and mystery. System Era Softworks are now painting their very own adventure upon the canvas of the procedurally generated, low polygon universe of stars and planetoids that build up their beautiful upcoming game; Astroneer. In a style that rivals Minecraft the aim of this game is not to upgrade your suit and spaceship with a variety of bells and whistles whilst you combat your way through … Read More »

Kerbal Space Program Lands on Xbox One

Some may be surprised to know that the first time I got to play this game was nearly 5 years ago, shortly after Early Access released. And even then, the sheer vastness of it was incredible; being able to create your own spaceship, sending it into space and, if you were lucky, landing it successfully on Mun (moon) without crashing it, otherwise you’d have to revert back to launch and start it over again! As a fellow Kerbal of the planet Kerbin (sort of people on a sort of Earth) your mission is to explore the Kerbol System via the Kerbal … Read More »

Nova-111 Review

Nova-111 is developed and published by Funktronic Labs, Nova-111 is a quirky sci-fi turn-based adventure game with an twist of real-time action! Fighting aliens in space for Science Playing Nova-111 is certainly an interesting process. As you move your little science vehicle along the grid, every time you move to the next space a turn is played. Here is where it is important to understand the turn based system, as you are not the only one on a quest. There are various types of monsters on the quest that are trying to destroy & stop you, how they attack you is also done … Read More »

Solar Shifter EX is Coming to Xbox One

Today Headup Games announced that futuristic space shooter Solar Shifter Ex will be coming to Xbox One. The news will excite many of the Meridian New World fans who will be dribbling at the prospect of a new game by one man band artist Ede Tarsoly head of Elder Games. The out of this world jump drive space trawler will be set to stun. the indie game is in an upwards spiral and things are looking good for the Hungarian. What's this? pic.twitter.com/dC0BmXg8yB — Ede Tarsoly (@EdeTarsoly) April 18, 2015 The game will be focused around the ability to warp … Read More »

Elite: Dangerous Preview

So with the new preview program on Xbox One we thought we would look at some Preview Games. Please not this is not the full release and we will re-review the game when its launched. After 20 or so hours playing this game, it left me in a quandary. “Where do I go from here?” The answer, which appears simple on paper, is a lot more complex than you might think. Before giving the low down on about my impressions of this Xbox Early Access Game (dubbed the Game Preview Program), it’s worth saying that I already own Elite: Dangerous on PC, … Read More »

Tacoma – E3 Trailer

Atmospheric space station explorer for your inner survivalist At the Microsoft E3 conference, we got a look at the follow up to Gone Home from ‘Fullbright’ titled Tacoma due for release in 2016. Studio co-founder Steve Gaynor took the stage to introduce us to the first trailer of footage showing the game’s protagonist, known as Amy Ferrier, explore the eerie abandoned space station of the game’s title. Similar to Gone Home, it appears to excel in exploring an abandoned area, only in this outing you’re in space. What once looked like a busy but comfortable habitat now appears as an empty shell … Read More »

Elite: Dangerous

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands………. Frontier Developments announced they are bringing the definitive massively multiplayer space epic Elite: Dangerous to Xbox One in 2015. Players start with only a small starship and a few credits, you will then have to do whatever it takes to gain the skill, knowledge and power in the open world Milky Way galaxy, re-created at its full galactic proportions to survive.       Every players story will influence the unique connected gaming experience and evolving narrative. Work together with friends to shape the galaxy, protect each other on a risky trade … Read More »

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