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Sonic Forces – Xbox One Review

With the recent success of Sonic Mania earlier this year, proving that ‘2-D Sonic’ still has what it takes in modern gaming, it’s now time to shine the spotlight on Sonic Forces with their ‘3-D Sonic’. But can SEGA clean up the mess of previous 3-D outings and continue on from what made Sonic Generations good? The story of Sonic Forces starts you out as modern Sonic racing through the iconic Green Hill Zone, albeit in an unnecessary zone – how many times does this zone need to be recreated with each iteration of Sonic? Nevertheless it is still a … Read More »

This Weeks New Releases – W/C 6th November

It’s a big, big week in the world of Xbox this week, with some anticipated titles heading our way, but that’s not to say we’re forgetting the biggest release of them all – Xbox One X. Released Tuesday 7th November, this Xbox is labelled as ‘The most powerful console released’, and judging by some of the reports already, we’re in for a treat. But let’s get down to what new releases you could be playing on this new beefy machine this week: Tuesday 7th November Sonic Forces Defeat enemies with blazing speed as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as … Read More »

Sonic Forces New Trailer Showcases Rental Avatars

As launch date draws closer, new information regarding Sonic Forces‘ surrounding the customisable character, as SEGA releases not one, but two new videos showcasing the new ‘Rental Avatars’ and a new stage – Space Port. The first video shows gameplay footage of a customised character that looks like a bird of some sort, as the character uses the drill wispon to fend off enemies. The second trailer showcases a battle between Infinite and one of the rental avatars available in the game, but only briefly. What’s interesting is that the character starts out as a cat-like character and then transforms … Read More »

New Screen And Details For Sonic Forces

With just over a month until it releases, SEGA have outlined exactly what these mystery Wispons we’ve been hearing all about from Sonic Forces: Wispons are an evolution of the Color Powers from Sonic Colors and double as both offensive abilities and as a way to platform through levels quickly. In Sonic Forces, players equip their Hero Character with one of a variety of powerful Wispons, including the Drill Wispon, which allows players to drill dash on the ground to quickly traverse stages and climb walls. Players can also attack enemies using the Drill Wispon by charging and launching a … Read More »

New Sonic Forces Trailers Released

Having released the custom character trailer for Sonic Forces just last week showing off some of the modern stages the game has to offer, Sega has decided it’s time to tease us with a story mode trailer and one of the classic Sonic stages the game has to offer. First up, we have the story mode trailer which gives you an idea of what the Sonic team is up against come release day. Secondly, we have a trailer that shows off Casino Forest Zone, which is heavily inspired from Casino Night Zone from the Mega Drive classic Sonic 3. Sonic … Read More »

New Sonic Forces Trailer Released

As we’re edging that bit closer to the second of Sonic’s releases this year, we’re slowly uncovering more and more news about the game. A new trailer was shown for Sonic Forces this week at The Tokyo Game Show, along with a DLC announcement. The DLC titled Episode Shadow, allows players to play as Shadow the Hedgehog in over ten of the stages you play as Sonic. Along with that, you’ll get to see more about Forces villain, Infinite. Judging by the name of the DLC, is it possible that we will get more DLC featured around other characters from … Read More »

Sonic Forces Getting Pre-Order Bonuses, Release Date Revealed

Sonic Mania is running wild right about now thanks to the release of, well, Sonic Mania, so what better time to reveal some new Sonic Forces information than now? SEGA have revealed that Sonic Forces will be launching in North America and Europe on November 7th. Not only that, but there’s a Bonus Edition available for pre-order that’s coming with some tasty goodies. The Bonus Edition will include a custom controller skin adorned with Sonic and newcomer villain Infinite, along with some custom skins for your created character, in case you forgot that character creation was the big deal in … Read More »

New Sonic Forces Trailer Introduces Us To “Infinite”

SEGA have revealed the latest trailer in their upcoming attempt to salvage the reputation of Modern Sonic, Sonic Forces, which gives us some the new footage on the newest Sonic Villain. Enter Infinite. Not much is currently known about Infinite, other than he hates Sonic, he’s more powerful than Sonic, he’s formed a super league of evil with Eggman, Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow and more, and he’s taken the title from Shadow as the edgiest Sonic character in existence. Sonic Forces is the latest Sonic game to fuse 2-D and 3-D platforming, much in the same way Sonic Generations did. … Read More »

Sonic The Hedgehog Visits SXSW, And It Isn’t All Good News

Sega was at SXSW on Thursday revealing some new information on their upcoming projects, along with some tidbits of Sonic Mania on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter page. So, bad news or good news first? Bad? Okay, you asked for it. Sonic Mania; a 2D Sonic platformer that I’m sure we were all looking forward to getting hand cramp from, has been delayed. By an entire season! The initial release date of spring 2017, has been pushed back to summer 2017. Maybe Sega themselves got too caught up in testing that they forgot to keep developing as well. The above video shows some gameplay from Sonic Mania, released … Read More »

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