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Overwatch’s anticipated new character, Sombra, is now live on Xbox One version of Overwatch. The hacker has the ability to shut down other hero’s abilities and turn invisible to sneak behind enemy lines and wreak havoc on the opposing team undetected. The newest addition to the international roster also has the ability to teleport to get in (and out) of combat situations with ease. Her ultimate is an EMP blast that discharges all shields and barriers, and shuts down any opponent’s powers within her range. There’s more to the new Overwatch patch than just Sombra, though: the update also introduces … Read More »

Overwatch’s Play of the Game is a neat little function that showcase the most impressive kill streak at the end of the game And that’s a problem. Because Overwatch isn’t about kill streaks and an awesome K/D ratio – a lot like Battlefield, you can earn just as many points by supporting your team. So while some POTGs are absolutely awesome, it flies in the face of Overwatch’s ethos of team play. That’s what’s inspired Blizzard to look at how POTGs currently run, and how they might be improved in a future update. Speaking to Kotaku, lead hero designer Geoff … Read More »

Overwatch fans have been waiting a long time for the latest update on rumoured hacker hero Sombra. She’s even been referenced in-game, with Reaper declaring ‘Where’s Sombra when you need her?’ Well, if this leak is true, she’s right here. Originally, the following image was spotted on Blizzard’s intranet – and pretty swiftly that was taken down, leaving us with a screenshot from a Reddit user, and a few bits of information. Right off the bat, Sombra looks just as kick-ass as the rest of the heroic Overwatch line-up. In the text beneath the image, we learn a little more … Read More »

There could be some exciting news coming for fans of Overwatch. There have been rumours circulating for a while of a 23rd character reveal and Blizzard have been teasing fans with hints and codes for some time. These rumours and hints have gained traction recently and people have been decoding the clues with relish. There is currently a “glitched” post on the Overwatch forums that seems to be counting down. This countdown could be to the time of the big reveal. The post is titled “00110010 00110011” which is binary code for the number 23. Unlike normal posts, the posted … Read More »

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan answered questions about competitive play, player toxicity, upcoming map changes, and Sombra. When asked about some changes (like the one hero limit) made to Overwatch’s competitive play, Jeff Kaplan gave a backstory to the initial competitive mode. To give you a little bit of history, early on, before the game was even announced, we had a design for Competitive Play that was very, very different than what is out there now. Our earliest design for Competitive Play was 6v6 teams only. That’s all we were going to allow. Think … Read More »

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