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Like many thousands of gamers, the Sniper Elite series is one that passed me by, Sniper Elite 1 is barely remembered and Sniper Elite V2, was one of those games, I kept hearing good things about, but never actually gave it a chance, even though the only negatives being “A Few bugs” or “Dodgy A.I” which in the age of patching games after release these are things that wouldn’t ring too many alarm bells. So looking at the 3rd installment for the Franchise, Sniper Elite 3, Most people will draw comparisons to Battlefield, Ghost Recon or maybe even Call of … Read More »

Testicles will be exploding in slow-motion once again………… Remaking last-gen games for the next generation consoles is pretty common these day’s, But how about re-releasing a next-gen game, on the same console a year after release, That’s right, Sniper Elite 3 will be coming back, with all DLC bundles. due for release March 10th, Here’s the official press release………. 505 Games and Rebellion today announced the upcoming release of The Sniper Elite 3 ‘Ultimate Edition’ including the award-winning tactical shooter plus additional DLC content in one explosive package. This expanded experience is designed to give players everything they need to … Read More »

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