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January wasn’t the most active month for EA Access members.  The EA Access Vault is a great way for gamers of many genres to play full versions of a ton of games for a small monthly fee.  So let’s at least recap what came to the vault in January and what we know is coming. Last month fans of the Battlefield series rejoiced with Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  These were at least 2 worthy titles and not simply “filler.” What we do know is coming though is: Dead Space: Ignition Madden NFL ’17 Skate 3 Zuma’s Revenge … Read More »

This week EA have been dishing out a lot of details on current and future additions to the EA Access Vault, these additions are only going to further support the idea that Access is one of the best value for money gaming subscriptions available today. Thursday saw Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 added to the Vault, meaning they join titles such as Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect on a list of games that are available in the Vault and also backwards compatible. On the same day that it was confirmed these titles are now available they also confirmed further … Read More »

With recent news that you can drive a UNSC Warthog in Forza Horizon 3, we look back on some of our favourite – and most surprising – gaming crossovers. When we sat down to make our list, we realised there were more examples than we realised – everyone has a favourite franchise or genre and could think of half a dozen examples. And not just games invading other games. We all know what happens when games invade movies (the less said about Pixels, the better) but sometimes when it goes the other way, it can be brilliant. We’ve whittled our list … Read More »

Welcome back to Xbox One UK’s regular reflection; where we take a look at the list of Xbox 360 titles that became backwards compatible in the last month, and try to point out a couple of highlights. I know what the top game of last month was. You know what the top game of last month was. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion when that game was announced, but there were some other highlights during the month of November. Honourable Mentions The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion The Xbox 360’s first premier RPG title, Oblivion was the game that made … Read More »

November was one of, if not the best, months in terms of the Backwards Compatibility program. Much requested title Skate 3 finally made an appearance, alongside some AAA titles and other fan favourites. Below is a comprehensive list of all games added to Backwards Compatibility LAST month: ◦ Blue Dragon – Disc Only – Added November 1, 2016. ◦ Limbo – XBLA Title – Added November 3, 2016. ◦ Mass Effect 2 – Added November 7, 2016. ◦ Mass Effect 3 – Added November 7, 2016. ◦ Guardian Heroes – XBLA – Added November 8, 2016. ◦ Operation Flashpoint: Red River – Added November 8, 2016. ◦ Scary … Read More »

HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, BOYS AND GIRLS! The promised land has been reached, and Skate 3 is now available for Xbox One. Taking to Twitter, as per usual, Major Nelson shared the following: Skate 3 and Scarygirl are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/ZN4alu2Of3pic.twitter.com/tMisBKA8GX — / Larry Hryb / + 1m (@majornelson) November 10, 2016 Skate 3 has been the most requested game for the past few months, so it looks like you’re all going to have to rally together for another game. Beautiful Katamari, anybody? Asking for a friend. We’ve also got adventure-platformer Scarygirl, if that’s … Read More »

You’ve asked for it. Nay, you’ve demanded it since the inception of backwards compatibility, and after a year of hoping and waiting… we might finally have proof that Skate 3 is going backwards compatible very soon. Of course, many of you will think the chances of this happening are the same as you seeing a unicorn, so let us present our little bits of evidence. Firstly, the tweet below: Skate 3 now on BC? My 360 says it is @XboxOneGB@XboxAchspic.twitter.com/qX1ffGtPhi — Gerble72 OTHG 4 life (@gerble72) November 10, 2016 One of our followers on Twitter, @gerble72, appears to have taken … Read More »

One of the most asked for games of the last generation will be added as part of the Backwards Compatible list very soon. When the idea of Backwards Compatibility was floated last year Xbox gamers rejoiced, then kind of became slightly apathetic at the choice of titles Microsoft have so far given us. Maybe they didn’t take into account that it wasn’t just Microsoft that had to make the game Backwards Compatible but the developers and publishers also had to agree to it to. As seen with the Call of Duty remaster we can now see why that is the case. Anyway I … Read More »

Reports have surfaced on Reddit regarding a set of new games that could be making their way to Xbox One’s backward compatibility. Reddit user Daymarr posted the incriminating evidence claiming that they had received an E-Mail from Microsoft. The E-mail listed a fleet of six games that would soon make their way over to the backward compatibility. These games were Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite as well as Skate 3, Halo Wars and the much requested Call of Duty: Black Ops. Usually in this situation we could pass this off as a simple rumour, perhaps a solo redditor trying to grab … Read More »

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