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When I first booted up Sine Mora EX, all I expected was some solid shoot ‘em up action, and I got that. What I wasn’t expecting was a story concerned with blackmail, rape and genocide. There’s a time and a place for narratives like that, and perhaps a side scrolling shooter isn’t one of them. Sine Mora EX is the re-release of a little known shoot ‘em up from the previous generation that many might have missed out on, myself included. It’s a fairly typical shoot ‘em up for the most part; defeat a few waves of enemies before tackling … Read More »

“The Easiest Mode is Hard”, Butcher boldly exclaims in its intro; a statement almost immediately discredited by the casual difficulty setting. Two minutes in and we’re already being lied to. But to play on casual is to defeat the purpose of Butcher. Declaring casual mode as the difficulty for people who cry when they suck at games, Butcher goads players into taking on the harder difficulties by challenging your masculinity or pride. You’re not a pansy now, are you? Described as a 2-D shoot ‘em up tribute to Doom, the similarities between both games are clear. Playing as a one-cyborg army … Read More »

Do you like Top-down shooting games? Do you like Tower Defence Games? If the answer to both those questions is yes then you will be pleased to hear that Exor Studios have created a unique fusion of these two genres and produced Sci-fi hybrid X-morph: Defence. The game sees you taking on the role of the X-morph, an Alien Species with a “plague ‘o Locust’s” like hunger to harvest the Earth’s resources and go about rebuilding the surface in their own vision. But the residents aren’t going without a fight! Exor Studios has aimed to build something that will appeal to … Read More »

There’s something deeply nostalgic about top down scrolling shooter games. You could say the genre was born from a fabled forefather; Space Invaders. In the last four decades, there have been some truly outstanding titles, and some that are best left untouched. Thankfully however, Sky Force Anniversary is the former. For those unaware, Sky Force started life as a mobile game and its first major release came on iOS in 2009. However, this is the first game in the series to come to Xbox. Starting out you are given a basic, but moderately powerful, ship to blast your way through enemies with. … Read More »

Let’s address the elephant in the room: I laughed at the word Climax. Stacey, the review manager, also laughed at the word Climax. You, sat at home, or at work, or on the khazi, probably had a bit of giggle at the word Climax. And that’s fine, because Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is just silly enough to appeal to all of us immature buffoons. SGW is a four player shoot ‘em up that boasts colour, character and control; all of which help to differentiate the game from a crowded market. With a stacked armoury of primary and secondary weapons, alongside five … Read More »

Dogos is a weird name. How the hell do you pronounce it? Doo-goss? Dog-os? Is it an initialism or an acronym? Answers on a postcard please, but one thing thing that is certain is that the name Zeetnuk is weirder. The name of the villainous alien race that dogs you at every turn sounds more at home on the discarded page of a pre-adolescent sketchbook, but who cares about that stuff when you’re blowing their smithereens to smithereens? Dogos presents a more unique take on the shoot ’em up, granting the player full 360 degree control of the camera as … Read More »

Fans of some classic side scrolling shoot ’em up action should be pleased come September 9th, as Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax will be blasting its way onto Xbox One. Up to 4 players can jump in locally, controlling 5 different mechs with up to a possible 49 different weapon loadouts across a variety of different modes, including the Campaign and various challenges. Perhaps most interesting is both the inclusion of some “light-RPG elements” that allow you to further upgrade the devastating capabilities of your mech, and the full gameplay customisation that lets you finely tune how easy/difficult you want … Read More »

Wake up! The Earth is overrun with aliens… again! Daydreamer: Awakened Edition is a side scrolling shooter that originally appeared on the PC but will arrive on Xbox One on June 3rd, that sees you fighting aliens, giants bugs, monsters and… the Rabies Rabbit. Huh. Didn’t Ubisoft already do that? Seeing how this is an “Awakened” edition, the game comes complete with a whole host of new features, such as leaderboards, new difficulties and gameplay tweaks, and even a brand new ending, so it’s fair to say that developers Roland Studios are rolling out the red carpet for us. The … Read More »

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