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There's a lot of work going on right now as Rare quietly beaver away getting the finishing touches to the much anticipated Sea of Thieves. It would be fair to say the developer has changed dramatically since the glory days of the 90's under Nintendo's stewardship. But it is Sea of Thieves, a brand new IP, that could see a strong return to form for Rare. Transparency has been great in recent months during development, with regular updates through the 'Inn-Side Story'. This time round, Executive producer Joe Neate and Community Manager Cameron Thomas talk about the use of player ... Read More »
Rare have released the latest trailer for the upcoming pirate fest, Sea of Thieves. Senior designers, Shelley and Andrew Preston talk through the cooperative aspects that the game will offer. The mechanics demonstrate how forming a crew to work together can be rewarding, literally when chests of treasure are involved. There's also a sneak peak at competitive gameplay with the ability to ambush other players for there hard earned loot. Check out episode ten of the 'Inn-Side story below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWLcC4CkCjY Sea of Thieves is currently in alpha testing and is slated to be given a release at some point this ... Read More »
Ahhhh, to be a pirate! Setting sail on open waters without a care in the world. Until you encounter a game breaking bug of some kind. That's never fun, and it's something Rare are hoping to avoid with their upcoming Sea of Thieves. With that in mind, Rare have announced that next weekend, from December 16th, will play host to the first of a series of scheduled technical playtests, with the aim of refining core features and determining the direction that the development takes. Of course, not everyone can be a part of this technical alpha. Oh no no, this ... Read More »
If you're as excited as we are here at Xbox One UK for Rare's upcoming game "Sea Of Thieves" then like us you're probably following Rare Ltd on YouTube to get the Inn-Side story. On October the 18th we were treated to the 6th episode of the Inn-Side story which was entitled "Sounds of the Land and Sea" in which Guillaume Muller, Sound Designer for Rare and Jamie Hughes, Senior Sound Designer for Rare discuss how they recreated the sounds that build up the experience of swiftly sailing the high sea's and plundering caves for loot with ye' mateys. The importance of sound in terms ... Read More »
Rare is giving wannabe pirates a chance to live their dreams in Sea of Thieves.  In a recent trailer, that was more of a developer insight on how visual effects were designed in Sea of Thieves - it's starting to look like an amazingly lifelike experience. Rare’s Andreas Oberg goes on to explain that the goal is combine all these elements into something that grounds the player in the game world – and simply from watching all these trailers, it seems to be working. See for yourself in the trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=72&v=bdMC2ka0slA Things such as water physics and cannon explosions ... Read More »
Today is the final day of the Sea of Thieves gamescom livestreams. If you've watched them all so far you should certainly qualify for an authentic pirate hat. There are to be three streams, the first at 10am UK time, 11am CEST, and 2am PDT. The second will start at 3.30pm UK, 4.30pm CEST, and 7.30am PDT. The third will commence at 8pm UK, 9pm CEST, and 12pm PDT. For more news, reviews, competitions and interviews, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your thing, check out our YouTube ... Read More »
Rare are taking to Twitch once more to showcase Sea of Thieves at gamescom. There will be two streams today, the first commencing at 10am UK time, 11am CEST, and 2.am PDT. The second will start at 3.30pm UK, 4.30pm CEST, and 7.30am PDT. If you're enjoying it, brace yourself for three streams tomorrow. For more news, reviews, competitions and interviews, join Xbox One UK’s Facebook Group, Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter. Plus, if videos are your thing, check out our YouTube and Twitch channels!
Rare are taking to Twitch to show off more of brand new piratical adventure, Sea of Thieves. There's barely a scurvy seadog's plunder worth of information available about the game currently, save some multiplayer pickings and a gameplay structure that sounds reminiscent of Destiny and The Division, so more facts and shots of the game in action are welcome. The stream is set to kick off at 3.30pm UK time, 4.30pm CEST, and 7.30am PDT. Keep a look out over the next two days for more Sea of Thieves livestreams. For E3's multiplayer gameplay of Sea of Thieves, sail over ... Read More »
Gamescom 2015 was a big deal for Microsoft and Xbox - the premiere European event of the season showcased "the greatest games lineup in Xbox history" and the 90 minute briefing was jam-packed with Xbox goodness. Xbox supremo Phil Spencer has confirmed there'll be no similar briefing at Gamescom (Cologne, Germany, 17-21 August) this year - but there will be a Sea-of-Thieves-galleon-sized boatload of games to play, including Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2, ReCore, We Happy Few, Everspace, and Cuphead. With six stands across three areas and two halls, Microsoft's presence will be anything but low key. Mr ... Read More »

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