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Platinum Games and Titan Comics are becoming partners alongside Microsoft to release comics based on the upcoming action RPG Scalebound. The comics will centre around the story of the game’s main character Drew and his Dragon, Thuban and will be due for release sometime in 2017. It is not stated how long the series will last for and how big the series will be. “We are thrilled to team up with one of the hottest developers in the video game industry to create Scalebound comics,These comics will expand the lore of the games to appeal to an even wider audience!” … Read More »

The “Pre-3” leaks appear to be continuing unabated, and the latest game to be stung by this leakpocalypse is Platinum’s upcoming Xbox title Scalebound… Potentially. The online retailer Base.com posted a listing for Scalebound with the release date of 31/03/2017. For the unaware, Base have also been responsible for outing the release date for Skyrim Remastered. It’s up to you whether that adds any weight to this leak, but clearly someone at Base has a penchant for whipping the gaming press into a frenzy. It’s entirely possible that the release date is just a placeholder, but ThisGenGaming argue that games … Read More »

Scalebound is the upcoming RPG from Platinum Games that sees you fight alongside a dragon that goes by the name of Thuban. Unfortunately the developer announced on its website today that the game will be delayed until 2017. An Update from the Scalebound Team https://t.co/AakqRBnDrP — PlatinumGames Inc. (@platinumgames) January 4, 2016 According to the post development of Scalebound is going well but because of the scope and scale of the game the developer has made the decision to delay the game until 2017 so that they can make it the best game possible. Platinum Games also noted that Scalebound … Read More »

Scalebound: Here’s How Exclusive Deal With Microsoft Was Born; “We’ve Always Really Loved the Xbox” PlatinumGames’ Scalebound is definitely one of the most intresting, if not the most intriguing game in the upcoming Xbox One line-up, but how did the partnership between the developer from Osaka and Microsoft come to be? Creative Producer Jean Pierre Kellams told the story at the Xbox One fanfest in Tokyo, explaining that the studio always had a lot of love for Microsoft’s consoles, and that they have been in talks with the house of Xbox for quite a while in order to find a project that … Read More »

Developed exclusively for you on the Xbox One by Platinum Games, one of the hottest Japanese action developers around, Scalebound is certainly a game you want to keep an eye on. A campaign that allows you to work alongside a dragon whilst battling evil. intrigued? After a phenomenal gamescon 2015 seen above, I can’t wait, even the stills look awesome!   Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games Director, spoke with Metro about the title itself aswell as the Xbox One Exclusivity, and judging by this statement there’s a lot to look forward to. “So in terms of, say, Scalebound, which is an … Read More »

It’s unlikely to have escaped your attention that last week was Gamescom, the annual event held in Cologne that marks a flurry of announcements, trailers, and screenshots that make you go ‘ooh’. The flurry turns into a storm at times though, so we’ve gathered together all the news from the past week for your delectation. Go and delect! Pre-Gamescom > Super Toy Cars is racing onto Xbox One > Xbox One Not 100% Backwards Compatible > New August update minor tweaks under the hood > Games Released This Month – August 2015 > Worms WMD Announced > Ubisofts Zombi coming to Xbox One > Hue’s the daddy? Curve … Read More »

At Gamescom 2015, aside from the official presentation made during the Microsoft briefing at Tuesday, a closed door presentation was made where Director Hideki Kamiya and Creative Producer Jean Pierre Kellams gave away more details and information about the game that will be coming exclusively to the Xbox One next year. A few of the things revealed was: The dragon is AI controlled but can be given simple commands such as “go there”, “attack” and “defend” You can cut limbs from giant enemies. There are dungeons, likely similar to what we see in the trailer. The headset worn by Drew … Read More »

A sneak look at the gameplay of Scalebound was revealed today at Gamescom, and boy did it look great, featuring some amazing looking combat with your Dragon at your side. The game looks to be a great mix of some adventure like Skyrim with the action, fast paced combat of Devil May Cry. The biggest surprise at the end was the announcement of 4 player co-op, this game just got a whole lot bigger. What are your thoughts of Scalebound? For me, this looks stunning and will be a must buy when it eventually comes out. Keep an eye out … Read More »

Right now! Okay, okay, not right now, the show won’t be live and kicking till 3:00 pm GMT (unless you’re arriving past the top of the hour, in which case you’re late! Scroll down already) but we couldn’t resist referencing some 90’s electronica. Why? Because now’s the time to get excited! Microsoft have promised to show the three games noted for their absence at this year’s E3 – Crackdown, Scalebound and Quantum Break – as well providing a closer look at other upcoming games and sharing some exciting announcements. New game reveals? Exclusive DLC? Or an Xbox programmer’s cat has had kittens? You’ll simply have to watch to be among the first … Read More »

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