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Heart & Slash, the Kickstarter-funded 3D brawler/roguelike from developer aheartfulofgames, has a charm and challenge all of its own. Usually we’re cautious about Kickstarter games, since few have ever built on the crowd-funded hype – and plenty more fall by the wayside before ever getting a release. And we’re even more cautious about modern games that ape the 8- and 16-bit era of gaming. You know - the sort of game that trades on its pseudo-retro pixel block graphics and simple gameplay. Either they’re absolute gems, like Braid, or they’re lazy versions of Megaman or Mario that are content to ... Read More »
There's something a little bit odd about the folks over at Amplitude Studios, developers of Dungeon of the Endless. This is a tactical strategy rogue-like RPG tower defence adventure game, influenced by any number of games from recent years and days gone by. Dungeons are pure high fantasy, waves of alien hordes are pure sci-fi. It's crazy and overwhelming and original and unique and hectic and slow-paced and... it shouldn't work. But, somehow, it does. Somehow, those odd folks have crammed a dozen different influences into one pixelated pot and have made it work. With a game that incorporates so many disparate ... Read More »

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