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Red Dead Redemption 2 Full Gang Revealed

Infomation that we have all been waiting for has finally dropped for Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar gave us a slew of Infomation regarding the gang of outlaws that go by the name “The Van Der Linde Gang.” Everyone shown seems to have a special role to play within the gang, and there is also some familiar faces to such as Jack Marston, Abigail Marston but going by her maiden name Roberts, Bill Williamson, Uncle, John Marston and of course the leader Dutch. Not much has been revealed in the way of story but knowing Rockstar we are sure they … Read More »

GTA 5 Online Adding Nightclubs

Rockstar has given fans a glimpse at the next new features coming soon to GTA Online mode. Nightclubs Starting sometime next month, players will be able to own and operate their own nightclub in GTA Online. Rockstar hasn’t exactly explained the ins and outs of how you will run your club, but it will involve designing, staffing, and promoting it. Rockstar says. “Run your nightclub business from setup, design, staffing and promotion; the more popular the club, the faster your secure wall safe will fill up.” Between July 3-9 Rockstar outlined on its blog include: players on the guest list will get … Read More »

Find Out What Rockstar Will Include In TWO Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Editions And Collectors Box

Rockstar, the developer behind the legendary Grand Theft Auto and hugely popular Red Dead Redemption series today announced details for what will be included in both the Special edition and the Ultimate edition versions of Red Dead Redemption 2. They’ve also put together a Red Dead Redemption 2 collectors box which doesn’t include the game.  If you decide to pre-order a physical copy from today you’ll also get the War Horse and The Outlaw Survival Kit for Story Mode, and for digital pre-orders you also get a treasure map and a cash bonus for Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. Whats … Read More »

GTA Online Offers Double Cash And Discounts

Until the 28th of May, GTA Online is offering double Cash and Reputation in special events, and discounts on some certain vehicles. The Double Cash and Rep bonuses apply to Motor Wars, Bikers, Executives and Other Criminals, and the newly released Trap Door. The last mode is a Battle Royale type of game mode where four teams of four are pit against each other as a ticking clock forces closer fights. What are you going to be doing with all that extra dollar? Here is a list of vehicles that are 30% off right now.  along with a collection of … Read More »

New Red Dead Trailer Arrives Tomorrow

Rockstar Games have announced that they will be releasing the third official trailer for their highly anticipated new title Red Dead Redemption 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption, which released in 2010. The new trailer will be available to watch tomorrow (2nd May) on rockstargames.com and their official YouTube channel at 11am Eastern (4pm UK time). Rockstar announced the release of the trailer on their official twitter yesterday, 30th April, along with an announcement being made on Grand Theft Auto V in the form of a loading screen teasing a poster of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 Official … Read More »

Red Dead Redemption II Suffers Delay

Rockstar, the developer of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption II, has announced today that they won’t be able to release the game with their planned Spring 2018 release window. “We apologize to everyone disappointed by this delay. While we had hoped to have the game out sooner, we require a little extra time for polish. We sincerely thank you for your patience and hope that when you get to play the game, you will agree the wait will have been worth it. … We look forward to sharing a lot more information with you in the coming weeks.” However, they have … Read More »

Red Dead Redemption 2: Brand New Trailer Released Today

  If you’re one of the millions of people, like us who have been patiently waiting to get a glimpse of the next edition of the Red Dead Redemption series then you will be as excited as we are that the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released by Rockstar. The first thing you’ll notice is just how far the visuals have come forward since the first game. Landscapes, transport and characters are all rendered in stunning detail. Facial expressions do a fantastic job at making the action feel real – no Mass Effect: Andromeda blank stares here. … Read More »

Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement…Of An Announcement

That’s right folks, you heard that right. But any announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good thing right? Even though this is essentially an announcement of an announcement to come, which seems to be a growing trend with AAA titles. With that out of the way, whilst we haven’t heard much to do with the game, we’ve had news of a delay, pushing the game back a little further into next year – but I’d rather take a delay than a mess of a game. This morning, Rockstar surprised us all with a very special tweet, which you … Read More »

LA Noire Coming To Xbox One With 4K Support

Rockstar have revealed that the 2011 detective hit, LA Noire, will be coming to Xbox One as well as other consoles this Autumn. For fans who may have been patiently waiting for this to join the Xbox 360 backward compatibility program, this may come as a kick in the teeth. However there are additional extras that may make this an essential purchase. Included in the package will be the original game itself, coupled with all DLC. Whilst this isn’t a remake or remaster, Rockstar have said that there will be improved lighting, a new range of cinematic camera angles, high … Read More »

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