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New information has been released by Sega for the upcoming retro throwback, Sonic Mania. Focusing on the already announced revival of the iconic Green Hill Zone, the following video (with commentary) demonstrates the second act. The area expands on the originals foundations whilst giving us a deeper glimpse into the zone, with new obstacles and mechanics. There will also be new areas to be discovered dependent on what type of shield you may have. New baddies and bosses have, whilst not shown off,been revealed. These have been dubbed the 'Hard Boiled Heavies.' The first of these will be known as ... Read More »
Revival Productions is proud to announce a major new addition to their Kickstarter campaign for Overload, their new six-degree-of-freedom shooter coming to Xbox One.  Due to the overwhelming feedback of fans around the world, Revival Productions has this to say: "You win!  Multiplayer is in!" If the Kickstarter is successful, in addition to the 15 level single-player campaign, Overload will be releasing a multiplayer expansion after launch.  All backers of the Kickstarter campaign will also receive the multiplayer expansion free of charge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjpf5ztwTRw Mike Kulas writes in an update to the community: "We always wanted to have multiplayer and believed we ... Read More »

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Awesome Sniper Elite 4 Giveaway

Xbox One UK have teamed up with Rebellion Developments & LickPR to bring you an amazing chance to win a Sniper Elite 4 game...

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