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Blowfish Studios latest game Morphite puts you in the shoes of Myrah, a girl who ends up exploring the universe in search of the titular morphite – a source of massive power in the universe, and a power that is related to her past. Accompanied by Kitcat, a robotic cat who acts as a dry-witted information dispenser through the course of the adventure, she sets off into the stars to investigate a universe full of planets. The main story spans numerous planets, and each of them is a sizeable environment in which you’ll shoot monsters and solve puzzles to obtain … Read More »

If there’s one form of landscape that is noticeably absent from our British Isles, it’s desert. We have hills and mountains, and forests and beaches, but desert is entirely absent. Thrashing various types of vehicles across it at breakneck speeds is therefore not the first thing that pops into our minds when we think of motorsport – but THQ Nordic’s Baja: Edge of Control HD is hoping to expand our horizons a little. Baja: Edge of Control HD is a remaster of an Xbox 360 game – the latest in the current batch of HD remasters which is rapidly becoming … Read More »

Aliens, known as E.B.E, have invaded the Earth. After years of being utterly destroyed and humiliated, humanity utilises alien technology to create super soldiers called the A.N.T.I troops. Super soldiers that can finally take the fight right back to those aliens. No longer on the back foot, humanity launches the New Dawn counteroffensive to drive out the aliens and take back our planet. The plot to Earth’s Dawn might be standard, but it serves the purpose required, giving players both a change of scenery every couple of levels whilst making the enemies harder, better, faster and stronger. The game itself is … Read More »

It has long been the practice for media outlets to receive new titles for review prior to launch. Magazines and websites frequently receive copies to have a review ready by release. However it appears Bethesda has now put a hold to this for their titles. A statement published within the company blog by Bethesda’s global content leader, Gary Steinman, stated that after supplying copies of DOOM a day before release, it has been decided to alter company policy to only allow games to be distributed to media outlets a day in advance for future titles. Steinman indicates that despite there being … Read More »

Brutal. If EA Sports UFC 2 could be summed up in one word, it’s brutal. Head kicks land with the momentum of a freight train, uppercuts look like they’d take your opponents head off and the flying knees would make Sagat from Street Fighter proud. Be sure to scream Tiger Knee at the top of your lungs for added effect. So it’s no surprise, then, that the highlight of this game is Knockouts Mode. Ditching the ground game in favour of health bars, your objective is to simply KO your opponent. It encapsulates some the most exciting moments of the … Read More »

March 2016 was one of our busiest ever months for reviews, with 22 games passing through our hot little hands. Standout star this month was Hitman Episode One, which earned a very impressive 9 out of 10. We called this masterful reboot “a perfectly pitched experience displaying commendable attention to detail” and we can’t wait for episode two, which should land around the end of April. March’s reviews are listed below. Don’t forget, you can access all our reviews from our review page. Our review team works hard to make sure our reviews tell you whether we liked a game, and … Read More »

So with the new preview program on Xbox One we thought we would look at some Preview Games. Please not this is not the full release and we will re-review the game when its launched. After 20 or so hours playing this game, it left me in a quandary. “Where do I go from here?” The answer, which appears simple on paper, is a lot more complex than you might think. Before giving the low down on about my impressions of this Xbox Early Access Game (dubbed the Game Preview Program), it’s worth saying that I already own Elite: Dangerous on PC, … Read More »

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