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Imagine a world where you can't trust your neighbours. Where everyone is spying on everyone else. Imagine a world where you are the landlord of a building and it is your job to spy on your tenants and report them to the government. This is the world that Beholder is set in. A slight parody of the old Soviet Union. You play as Carl, a family man with a wife, a son at university and a young daughter. You have been installed as the landlord of a building and it is your job to keep the building running, to spy ... Read More »
Let Them Come is a 2-D shooter that is a little different to most games in the genre. Normally in a title like this, you would move through a level and encounter enemies on the way. In Let Them Come, you are stationary and the enemies come to you, hence the name. You play as the last surviving member of the crew of a spaceship that has been overrun by a whole host of alien species. When this happens to you what do you do? You set up a turret and shoot for all your life is worth. There is ... Read More »
Everybody likes a good scare. The thrilling feeling emotion of a jump scare without having your life actually at risk gets the blood flowing and causes the unique feeling for players. Dynamic Pixels has attempted to do just that with Hello Neighbor inviting players to be a small child being hunted down by a creepy neighbour that you've decided to break in the house of. However, with the look of a childrens cartoon and no real suspense build up, Hello Neighbor falls short of what it ultimately wants to achieve. Being a small nameless child, you witness a neighbour up to some suspicious acts ... Read More »
When most people think of hockey they think of hard-hitting, cross-checking, and all out brawls that provide intense action as well as some "purity" to the sport.  Bush Hockey League does its best to offer these in a retro feel of the early 1990's however, failed to provide a functioning and usable experience. With so much focus on being corny and cheesy, developer V7 Entertainment misses on the biggest key in game making which is gameplay. Welcome to the Bush Hockey League. Here you take control of the Hinto Brews. It is your duty to build the Brews up into ... Read More »
Developer Splashteam released Splasher on Xbox One back in September; a fast paced 2D platformer with unique mechanics, which gives off a little bit of Super Meat Boy vibes, only not as mental. A purple-haired dude sets off to save the workers of InkCorp from their evil boss Le Docteur. Armed with his splat gun, he traverses the factory through a hub world where progression through the levels depends on the amount of workers you save throughout the levels. There are several workers to be saved throughout, some obvious and in plain sight, where others require various challenges to be ... Read More »
Back in 2003, developer Future Games introduced us to The Black Mirror. It was a third-person point and click adventure that was based around horror themes and mystery. Developer KING Art is rebooting the classic for modern-day consoles with Black Mirror. This newest adaptation takes place years before the original game. What was made to be a continuation of the horror and mystery leaves players wondering if the real horror and mystery is the overall finished quality of the game itself.  With what has amazing promise is marred by development issues as well as some jarring animations. Black Mirror puts ... Read More »
Ashes Cricket by Big Ant Studios is a sports game which attempts to recreate the passion, drama, and excitement of the annual cricket Test Series held between England and Australia. Ashes Cricket is an officially licensed game of the tournament and is the evolution of the Don Bradman Cricket series. Ashes Cricket includes all the official players of both the men's and women's team as well as cricket grounds of England and Australia. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to have played the last Ashes game developed by 505 Games will be pleased to know that this is a lot better. ... Read More »
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is the latest installment in the Wolfenstein franchise and it starts exactly where the last game left off. Both with the story and the gameplay. This is a game that turns up the excitement of the previous games all the way up to eleven and then some. The gameplay style is exactly what you would expect. There is no exploration here, this is a linear shooter that does what it does incredibly well. The first thing that you notice is that the story carries on from the exact point that the last game left off, ... Read More »
What if two classic games from the days of yesteryear were combined to create something new? Imagine if the format and mechanics of Fantastic Dizzy had a baby with the art style of Yoshi's Island/ Story, then you would get Wuppo. I'm not sure if the developers Knuist & Perzik had that intention in mind, but that's what this title reminded me of. You play the role of a Wum; one of the four races living in the land and also the most intelligent of all the races. This particular Wum who lives in the WumHouse - a huge building ... Read More »

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