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Racing games can take on different personalities.  There are the intense driving simulators that test the true physics of how cars work or there is the fun arcade style that just lets players go toe to toe with wild situations.  Table Top Racing: World Tour not only gives you a fun arcade style racing experience but also gives you the nostalgia of playing with toy cars when you was a kid. Table Top Racing's main focus is strictly on gameplay.  The game introduces you to different circuit events, each containing different types of races which help eliminate a repetitive feel.  Table Top ... Read More »
The dream of many a young child is to grow up and be a fireman (or woman). And United Independent Entertainment have now presented us with an opportunity to live that dream. What could possibly go wrong? Lots, and we’re not talking about the fires you have to distinguish. First, it’s important to note, this is billed as a simulator. And as such, you should expect more of a realistic presentation and execution than that of an arcade game. Firefighters the Simulation launched previously on PC before being ported to console. If you’re familiar with it from its previous release, ... Read More »
We're going to start this review of Verdun, not with any fancy intros or witty wordplay, but with a picture. A picture that perfectly captures your typical experience when playing this game: Due to some unknown glitch, half of the character models have become either white or pink phantoms, haunting the WW1 battlefields of mainland Europe. It's hard to sneak around a dreary grey and brown warzone when your character looks like a mascot for Susan G. Komen. In turn, it's hard to really get invested in what Verdun offers. Verdun is a multiplayer first person shooter based on the ... Read More »
Torment: Tides of Numenera is a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment released way back in 1999. It has been one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns for a video game, raising just over $4,000,000 and had already reached its goal in just 6 hours when it launched in March 2013. You take the role of the aptly-named the Last Castoff whose consciousness has just been born in a body that has once been created and now cast aside by an ancient man known only as the Changing God, thus 'perfecting' immortality. Set one billion years in the future in this isometric RPG sci-fi fantasy ... Read More »
There's something unmistakably childlike about the premise to For Honor, as if the game is a vehicle to settle the playground arguments of who'd best who in a no holds barred slobberknocker: Vikings, Knights or Samurai. It's a refreshingly simplistic concept; to just take the best warriors from each faction and have them scrap for all eternity because why the hell not, but it's a concept we can't help but fall in love with. Of course, there's more of a purpose here than just kicking the crap out of history's greatest combatants, but it's as much purpose as you need. ... Read More »
Anyone who has ever played any kind of shooter is familiar with the sniper.  A sniper can be your worst nightmare of the guy camping in the back of a map picking you off.  It could be the amazing player running around and quick scoping your life away.  Or maybe it's even that awesome jumping amazing no scope that leaves you scratching your head #360NoScopeYOLO.  However there is an intelligent art form that comes with real world sniping.  Things such as wind speed, gravity, distance, and even the curvature of the earth can play a factor in a sniper's shot. ... Read More »
Some games are exactly as they seem to be judging from the packaging. Your first few minutes in a particular game only reinforces these opinions and then nothing really changes from there. Earthlock: Festival Of Magic isn't exactly like that, in fact it's not really like that at all. From the cover art and then a first glance at the game this JRPG looks like its going to be a cartoony, child friendly game that may amuse the adults among us for a few hours at the most. This opinion couldn't be further from the truth. There is a tutorial ... Read More »
There’s been a lot of promise from Capcom with Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. The promise of a glorious return to the roots of a claustrophobic, virus infected environment, and a return to what made survival horror the heart beating genre we all fell in love with over twenty years ago. Wait, you’ve not played Resident Evil? Then I urge you to check out the original in its glorious HD remaster form, then if you’re still craving more, come back and read on. For those of us that are seasoned at the series, get comfy. The review will be a lot ... Read More »
No one paid the backwater Florida town of Cyprus Knee any attention. At least, not until has-been actor Tag Kern is found wearing a fetching rope necklace on the town's water tower. Now Cyprus Knee is playing host to religious fanatics, movie studios, shady politicians and more. If Knee Deep, the latest game from Wales Interactive and Prologue Games, sounds like the plot to a weird stage show, that's because it is. Knee Deep’s premise involves a theatrical production acting out a classic “whodunnit”. You act as the director controlling one of three protagonists; popular blogger Romana Teague, newspaper reporter Jack ... Read More »

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