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The survival horror genre has always predominantly been best at home in a 3D environment. Not many developers have taken the risk to translate such a game into a 2D perspective. Although we have seen the more recent Deadlight, Uncanny Valley attempts to create a non-linear, 2D pixelated survival story of its own. Brought to you by indie developers Cowardly Creations, Uncanny Valley focuses around protagonist Tom who must face his own personal nightmares whilst living his everyday life. You’re never quite aware from the start as to what is going on in regards to plot. You begin by waking ... Read More »
There's only so much nostalgia one can take. We all long for those halcyon days of childhood, without a care in the world; our beloved Mega Drives and our Master Systems and our NESes and SNESes offering new universes for our childhood imaginations to explore. But when we play those games now, with half a lifetime under our belts and our jaded, cynical world views colouring all that we see... those games are just not how we remembered. But they are at least genuine. Cast of the Seven Godsends - Redux, to give this horizontal 2D stab-em-up its full name, rides its magical shield like ... Read More »
Developer Brushfire Games has announced that their second title, Polychromatic, will be arriving on Xbox One on 2nd October 2015. Polychromatic is an original two-stick shooter that blends modern aesthetics with classic design. The wave based progression and increasingly difficult number of enemies keep the game grounded in the genre's roots while the dynamic physics and flat geometric art style push it in a fresh, new direction. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Nick Gravelyn founder and partner of Brushfire Games said: "After working on the game for over a year, we couldn't be more excited to see the game get into ... Read More »
What more is there to love than Quests and Dungeons all in one game! If you made a small excited sound at the first word that only got higher in pitch and volume by the second word, this one might be for you. Let's throw some other terms and see if you faint with excitement. Class based characters: A Warrior, Wizard, Assassin (archer) and Shaman. No nonsense turn based combat. 8 Bit graphics akin to The Escapists, Gameboy Zelda or similar. Items, doors, keys, loot, vendors, bosses and more! If you haven't had a nerd overdose yet, keep reading and ... Read More »
Dynamic racer that keeps you on the edge of your seat Be prepared to get your heart pumping as you drift into a trance-like euphoria with just one objective, survive until the music stops. Navigate around obstacles, collect points whilst trying to drive with as much style as possible and above all stay on the road. As you progress higher up through the levels the speed increases requiring more advanced dexterity to survive, I hope you're ready for this. Gateway Interactive are an imaginative indie games start-up company and independent publishing studio Mastertronic are excited to announce the all new, but retro ... Read More »
Super Doomed'n Damned is a fast paced action game very inspired on arcade cabinets and 16 bit console gaming era, but adapted to the modern days. Explore dungeons, abandoned towns, haunted castles, secret areas, fight against monsters, dark creatures, epic boss fighting, challenging difficulty, classic gameplay and everything else that a real arcade action game must have. Features: - 16 Bit cheesy sense of humor - Epic boss fighting - Voice over dialogues - Challenging difficulty - Classic level design - Classic weapons and skills - Multiple path levels - Secret items and areas The game is currently still in ... Read More »
At the time of writing this article, an impressive 348 games have been released or announced for the Xbox One. Many have been or will be big-budget releases that the vast majority of us already know and love or are looking forward to getting our hands on - while far more are lesser known arcade style and indie developers titles. Each and every one of us have our own personal favourites. However for the vast majority there are ten titles that stand head and shoulders above the rest. For me those ten would be, in no particular order, Grand Theft Auto V, Dying ... Read More »
Indie developer Blazing Badger’s debut game AIPD (Artificial Intelligence Police Department) claims to have over 100,000 game modes, that’s not possible right? Well it is if you use all of the game modes possible combinations. The top down action packed twin stick shooter has a very familiar 80’s neon feel to it, easily recognisable from films such a Tron. This independent developer based in Frankfurt, Germany has recruited some of the leading veterans in the industry who have worked on titles such as Crysis, Uncharted, Spellforce, the Settlers series and Xbox One game Lords of the Fallen. Blazing Badger have been ... Read More »

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