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Whilst there has been no official announcement from Capcom, it seems that a listing on the Xbox One store has confirmed the release date of the Resident Evil 5 Remaster for Xbox One as 28-June-2016.   This information seemed to be further validated by a later Tweet from Major Nelson stating the game could now be digitally pre-ordered and pre-downloaded on Xbox One. RESIDENT EVIL 5 is now available for Digital Pre-order and Pre-download on Xbox One https://t.co/hU8IwUQbMIpic.twitter.com/S0scARTafY — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) May 31, 2016   As well as gaining a 1080p remastered version of the popular title with an increased … Read More »

It’s not often that a company associates itself with multiple big-money franchises, but one such company is Japanese developer Capcom. Their list of credits include Dead Rising, Lost Planet and of course the omnipotent Street Fighter. We could argued that the title of “Capcom’s most famous series” has slowly been wrested from Street Fighter by a franchise nine years its junior. That franchise is, of course, Resident Evil, which first saw the light of day (or darkness of Racoon City) way back in 1996, the original zombie survival horror which caused a whole new generation of gamers to keep a collection … Read More »

Yes you read that correctly, it seems that our friends at Capcom are considering a port, or remaster whichever you prefer, of Resident Evil 6 to the Xbox One. This rumor has stemmed from the recent evaluation of Biohazard 6 (Resident Evil 6 outside of Japan) for Xbox One by the Korean ratings authority. While this isn’t a concrete confirmation of an Xbox One re-release, of one of the quite frankly less highly rated games in the Resident Evil series, it does have a solid backing due to the fact that Capcom seem to be heavily pushing remasters and re-releases … Read More »

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