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Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer, Remedy Entertainment will apparently be sharing details on their next couple of projects in the coming weeks. Thomas Puha, Head of Communications said on Twitter that he’s preparing a blog post that will provide us all with an update on Remedy Entertainments’ new projects before the New Year I am planning to do a blog post on our site with a short update on both of our projects before the end of the year. — Thomas Puha (@RiotRMD) December 9, 2016 In another tweet, Puha said you shouldn’t expect any formal game reveals until closer … Read More »

That’s right dear readers both of the Alan Wake DLC’s are currently free. That means you can nab yourself a copy of The Signal and The Writer for the low, low price of nothing. This is presumably to coincide with the release of developer Remedy’s blockbuster game Quantum Break (read our review here) as they were also the masterminds behind the psychological thriller that is Alan Wake. You can follow these links to find your way to the DLC: The Signal The Writer   Are you excited to replay the critically acclaimed Alan Wake? Or has the free DLC inspired you to … Read More »

In this day and age with YouTube and Twitch being the biggest sources of entertainment for this generation, its safe to say gamers have found solid platforms to express themselves in the way they love the most, with that being said there is still alot of red tape over copyrighted Music within games. For a YouTube/Streamer this is probably the most frustrating and damaging element to contend with when putting so much time and creativity into one video or stream, with that in mind there are a few games developers out there that have disabled the the copyright restrictions that … Read More »

Preorders for time-bending Xbox Ones exclusive game Quantum Break are “performing well ahead of plan,” and the game is shaping up to possibly be a “mega hit,” according to Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg. Microsoft took an “old school approach” to promoting the game, including sending representatives to basically every major country where the game will be available to get face-to-face with media and fans alike. This “pounding the pavement” approach has paid off, apparently. “It’s been great. Preorders are really strong; they’re performing well ahead of plan,” Greenberg said. “Retailers are continuing to increase their orders for the game, which we … Read More »

This years Gamescom in Cologne brought us many things to be hyped about during the Microsoft briefing, and throughout the rest of the event as well. One of the things I, and I guess a few of you as well, are looking forward to is Remedy’s game Quantum Break. The game that at the same time plays out as a TV series, showcasing the different sides in the conflict between the good and the bad. Lookwise the game is absolutely stunning, the graphics are exactly right and the whole game pretty much looks like a cinematic. Sure, not much has … Read More »

Talks are in progress over potentially remastering the popular thriller for the Xbox One Last month we posted news speculating whether the Xbox 360 game was in the pipeline to be released for the Xbox One and now some interesting words have come from both Microsoft and the games’ developer, Remedy. A Microsoft Spokesperson provided the following in a recent interview: “‘Alan Wake’ was one of the most engrossing and cinematic games of the Xbox 360 generation and it would be interesting to see what Remedy Entertainment would do if they decided to revisit the IP again. However, right now our … Read More »

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