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Somebody sound that damn Alan Wake 2 alarm, it might be on the way! Eagle-eyed gamers have been looking at the LinkedIn profiles of staff working for Remedy Entertainment, and noticed a few references to an unnamed project which seems to have been in development for the past 9 months. Mikko Rautalahti has been working at Remedy as a Narrative Lead for the past three months, along with Kyle Rowley who has been the Lead Designer on this project for nine months. It seems there is no actual indication of what they could be working on, but fans have been … Read More »

In a recent interview, Windows Central was able to squeeze some information about the Quantum Break narrative elements from one of Remedy Entertainment’s writers, Cam Rogers. Rogers spoke at length with Windows Central about some of the choices they made with the plot. He even touched on some of the surprising details behind the way things work in the game, specifically the time travel mechanics. The branching storyline turned out to be one of the problems that Remedy faced. Introducing choice into the game required the development team to attempt to balance player freedom with a cohesive plot. If you’ve … Read More »

Quantum Breaks Head of PR Thomas Puha talks sales predictions, marketing budgets and advertisement, as we all know the relationship between the publishers and the retailer has to be tight, and it works both ways with both side helping each others expectations and figures. Remedy Entertainments Head of PR explained how it all works on Twitter. The reality is that we know pretty well before a game goes on sale, how much it will sell. Ofc positive word of mouth and reviews will help — Thomas Puha (@RiotRMD) April 3, 2016 A games marketing budget is often dependent on how … Read More »

According to Microsoft pre-orders for Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming game Quantum Break have been flowing in at a remarkable pace. They have however struck upon a problem. That problem comes in the form of the pre-order bonus they were giving away. If you pre-ordered Quantum break then you would receive a digital copy of the Xbox 360’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. This sounds like a great offer as it is a great game. The problem is that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is rated PEGI 18 while Quantum Break is rated PEGI 15. This means that there will be some people who … Read More »

Hyped from the disastrous day of the Xbox One reveal, Quantum Break is one brand new IP that – more than any other – needs to be a success. Xbox needs Quantum Break to be the next ‘game of games’ and, almost unbelievably, the one game that may decide the fate and future of Xbox rests in the hands of Remedy, developers of the brilliantly idiosyncratic – and polarising – Alan Wake on Xbox 360. Launching any new IP in this time of sequels and unadventurous annual ‘refreshes’ is a challenge for any developer – a challenge that, sadly, many … Read More »

It’s about time – with less than a month to go until it hits the shelves, the latest official trailer Quantum Break is now live. The game, from Max Payne developer Remedy Entertainment, has been around since the Xbox One was unveiled. There’s been a steady drip-feed of information about the game, which merges video games and television in a way we’ve never before witness. Apparently. Now, as the release draws closer, the studio is trying to drum up some serious hype. Does it work? Well… Check out the video. There’s the female vocalist cover of Nirvana’s ‘Come As You … Read More »

It’s about time, and no, that isn’t a pun based on the time-bending elements of the game. Quantum Break finally has a release date of April 5th 2016. Not only that, we have a new trailer entitled “The Cemetery”, which sees a Swat Team hunting Iceman… I mean, erm… Jack Joyce, and some cool time bending footage. You can check it out for yourself below. From the makers of Max Payne & Alan Wake, @RemedyGames presents #QuantumBreak: https://t.co/NLS1ETuHJEhttps://t.co/5bc7hoZrrd — Xbox UK (@xboxuk) February 11, 2016 Lastly, the game is available to pre-download right now on the Microsoft Store, and doing … Read More »

In news that would address another one of my many backwards compatibility wishes, a remastering of cult horror title Alan Wake might be on the cards. According to reddit user DrGreenThumb_NZ, Microsoft are conducting a survey relating to upcoming Remedy Entertainment exclusive Quantum Break, the latest game from the Alan Wake developers: “Microsoft sent an Xbox Live survey to gamers, asking if they would be interested in playing a remastered version of Alan Wake on the Xbox One. Specifically, the survey asks players if they would be willing to purchase the rerelease for Xbox One, and if they would recommend … Read More »

Update: Thomas Puha has responded on Twitter to inform us that Stobe Harju’s comments on the ‘end scene’ are regarding the game’s cinematics and not the live-action show, which we had originally presumed. @XboxOneGB So, Stobe meant in-game cinematics. Live action is done by Lifeboat Productions. Not Remedy. https://t.co/fVhPGqz2QI — Thomas Puha (@RiotRMD) November 28, 2015 Original: Well, the cinematics are stunning according to Remedy Entertainment’s head of public relations, Thomas Puha. The cinematics in #QuantumBreak are looking fucking stunning. Work is ongoing every day and the lighting especially is amazing. — Thomas Puha (@RiotRMD) November 26, 2015 We are putting on the finishing lighting … Read More »

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