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Calling all Crackdown fans; it's looking like the much delayed and highly anticipated, "Crackdown 3" will be available to buy before  the festive period in 2017 following an announcement by Art Director, Dave Johnson. The previous delays according to various sources have been due to developers ensuring the final version met the original vision of the game. It sounds like it will have been worth the wait, with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Tweeting in the last week that Crackdown 3 was, " Best CD exp I've had. Agent control, world is very alive, diverse enemies, really fun." Based on what we have ... Read More »
Crackdown 3 - once just 'Crackdown for Xbox One' - stands alone as the singular title that demonstrates "the power of the cloud" through its impressive tech demo from Build 2014, the E3 2104 trailer, and most of all the Gamescom 2015 demo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9338sricjXs Crackdown 3 - in development by Scottish games company Reagent Games and Scottish cloud tech specialists Cloudgine - remains one of the most highly anticipated games around but despite being headline news over the last two years, Microsoft's in no hurry to rush to launch, according to Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg. Speaking on the TXR Podcast, ... Read More »
The upcoming Xbox exclusive Crackdown 3 might do more than the trailers and advertisements have let on. Previously the game has been teased as having one of the most impressive examples of online carnage by claiming that it will have an entirely destructible city. This feature is something that is supposedly powered by Microsoft's Azure cloud servers. Perhaps there is more going on than previously anticipated, as this screenshot from the store page shows: Now I'm not one to speculate, but if this is accurate, then Crackdown 3's multiplayer is going to be insane. Keep in mind that this may ... Read More »
Looking at Crackdown 3 when it was showcased at Gamescom 2015, I must say I was impressed. The sheer amount of destruction shown blew me away, pun intended. However, the amount of destruction we saw in the multiplayer part, in which the Xbox One will use the Microsoft Cloud to gather in different parts of the city using different servers to make the computations less for the actual box, will not be featured in the singleplayer. This has a bit of the community complaining since they want to be able to destroy as much online as offline. The developers however ... Read More »

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