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Free Bonus Map coming to Rainbow Six: Seige

Rainbow Six: Seige has recently received the Operation Red Crow DLC along with Patch 5.0 (details of these can be found here) but Ubisoft are already looking ahead to patch 5.2. With that patch, the game will also be getting Bartlett University map as a free bonus multi-player map. Bartlett University has long been requested by fans to be playable in the multi-player and Ubisoft has listened. The Map is currently only accessible in the single-player as a bonus for completing all ten ‘Situations’ and unlocking Article 5. It’s also in the map rotation in the co-op ‘Terrorist Hunt’ gamemode. … Read More »

Christmas influx sees more problems for Rainbow Six: Siege

To say that the latest Rainbow Six title Rainbow Six: Siege hasn’t been a rousing success could be seen as an understatement by many. The title has had numerous issues, not all of them the same, during it’s Alpha, Beta and full release stages. However perhaps the most prominent of these issues is the problem with the games servers, which let’s be honest are pretty crucial to a title that is primarily online based. The mid-December patch that was released earlier this month was meant to address a lot of the issues, including the server problems, and it may have … Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege Saga Continues

It has been a bad few weeks for Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege, with issues in the last Beta, servers not going live to coincide with release and now Ubisoft being accused of misleading players. Not a good time to be them. So how has this new problem came around? Well, prior to the games release there were rumours surrounding the fact that you had to be online to play parts of Rainbow Six Siege. As such, numerous fans were concerned about purchasing the title. Why buy a full price title on release if they wouldn’t be able to utilize certain feature’s of game without an internet connection, and … Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege: Wasn’t live till 5am this morning

If your a fan of the Tom Clancy games and you pre-ordered Rainbow Six Siege with plans to collect it at midnight last night, maybe you should just of stayed in bed. The people who purchased the game may have noticed that the servers were down last night. Nope that wasn’t another issue like in the Beta! this was in-fact a planned decision by Ubisoft. According to the Ubisoft Support Site the games servers wouldn’t actually go live until 5am today, bit of a bummer if you collect the game last night. With all the server issues during the final Beta only a week or so before release full … Read More »

Rainbow Six: Siege Could Have A Rocky Launch

In recent years Ubisoft have become known for releasing games that are glitchy and seem unfinished. Large patches have become expected very soon after the launch of one of their games. Assassins Creed: Unity is a prime example of this. Now it looks as if the developers upcoming game Rainbow Six: Siege won’t be any different. The recent Beta of Rainbow Six: Siege has shown us that there are still big issues with the game and Ubisoft don’t have very much time to rectify these problems. These only adds to the controversies already surrounding the game, with already existing issues … Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege Beta Progress Wont Carry To Full Game

Ubisoft’s next beta test for Rainbow Six Siege starts November 24th – November 23rd if you participated in the September Beta – and ends November 29th. That’s just 2 days before the official release date of the game on December 1st. Normally when beta’s end so close to launch dates some of your hard earned goodies are carried over to game, an unlocked gun perhaps, a new skin, maybe even a bit of XP or your levels. Ubisoft however have revealed that this time that’s not the case! Any progression, inventory or gained ranks you have earned participating in the beta will be … Read More »

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege Season Pass Details and Info

Ubisoft have today revealed the details of the upcoming season pass for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The Season Pass includes: ·         Seven day exclusive early access to the eight new operators that you can instantly add to your roster upon their release ·         Permanent 5% Renown boost to allow you to unlock content quicker ·         The exclusive Season Pass Porter weapon skin ·         The Safari Bundle of five weapons skins ·         Two extra daily Renown-earning challenges ·         600 R6 Credits that can be used to purchase additional in-game content Operation Black ice is the first content patch to be … Read More »

Rainbow Six Siege; LAN Support Confirmed

Today on DivisionBlog there was some information released for Siege: Back in mid September, Rainbow Six Siege went through a Closed Beta and Closed Technical Test phase. These tests were to prepare the game for launch both from a gameplay perspective as well as a connectivity and stability perspective. The changes post-Beta have now been made public for both Ranked, Unranked as well as a few Terrorist Hunt and individual operator changes. The biggest changes to the Operators, in our opinion, comes to those who use a shield such as Fuze, Blitz, and Montagne. Shield operators now have reduced hipfire accuracy … Read More »

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege To Have Microtransaction’s

Ubisoft has announced what some thought was inevitable, Rainbow Six: Siege will have Microtransaction’s. Being an only online multiplayer game this has become the norm but as this way of getting more out of us gamers becomes even bigger is it creating a massive area of concern? mobile gaming  has set the stage for microtransaction’s in a big way and because of that we are now under constant bombardment from publishers like Activision and Ubisoft to purchase these add on’s for customization, map packs and in game content. The argument has been quite fierce with no sign of publishers letting up any time … Read More »

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