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In April we called RadiationBurn’s The Living Dungeon one of the very best turn-based games on Xbox One. We love it, especially when played with friends. In fact we would even say that this is the way that the game is meant to be played. Since the release of the game fans have suggested certain new features to the developer, much is the way with people these days. One of the features that was requested the most was online multiplayer. This is an obvious one to be honest. We don’t always have our friends sat on the sofa with us and sometimes we just … Read More »

Looking over the library of available Xbox One games, the one genre the console lacks is the ‘board game’ game type. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of fans that would love to see their favourite board games on their Xbox One. Well, for those of you in that camp, here’s some good news: here at Xbox One UK we recently got to go hands-on with The Living Dungeon. Will it be the board game cracker we hope for? How does this board game based title stack up? In this strategic adventure and exploration game, you find yourself on a board made up of … Read More »

Fans of the board game genre should rejoice. British developer RadiationBurn have released there fantastic take on the genre, The Living Dungeon. And it looks fantastic. The Living Dungeon is a tactical board game that will test your skill and ability as you battle through randomly generated dungeons in four different game types. You will have to pit yourself against biased dungeon masters and work as a team with your fellow players if you are to make it through. With the multiplayer side of the game you can drop in and out of the game meaning that longer games can … Read More »

The Living Dungeon is a brand-new title from developer RadiationBurn, releasing via the ID@Xbox programme. Being crafted into a video game based on their own board game, it’s often touted as an experience like no other – something rare in itself amidst the industry’s fondness for sequels. Let the trailer below familiarise you with the game and then scroll on down for an interview with the developers! XboxOneUK: Before founding RadiationBurn you both worked on an impressive 40+ games that have been published across all the major platforms. Clearly having a love for development, what was it in the beginning that made you realise this … Read More »

For all of you who like a good table-top tournament board games there is an exciting new game coming to the Xbox One. Developed by one lady and one gentleman who go under the name of RadiationBurn, The Living Dungeon will bring all the excitement of the board games to your screens. The screenshots below show a lovingly crafted game with beautiful graphics. The Living Dungeon is based on 9 player games in all game modes including team games. If necessary the player can switch between human and AI players mid game. After the first level all of the following … Read More »

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