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One of the most identifiable and commercially successful arcade games of the 1980's is back, with Q*bert Rebooted @!#?@! Edition. The game includes the classic pixel 2D form, and a re-imagined (rebooted) version with 3D gameplay and graphics that both look good and remain true to the game's original concept.  The game's been available on other platforms for a little while, and now has made the orangey springy leap to Xbox One. If you are a stranger to Q*bert's cube-filled world, prepare to be filled in. Q*bert is a sort of snouted-beachball-on-legs who has to hop around on coloured cubes, changing their colour ... Read More »
If you were hanging around the arcades in 1982, you may well remember Q*bert - a snouted bouncing little space-hoppery sort of chap whose lot in life was to forever avoid purple snakes and change the colour of the level he was playing on, in order to progress to the next. Yes, back then we didn't need much story with our games (something Bungie must have had on their mind with Year One Destiny). Q*bert was a rock star in his day, but as is the way of such things our hero fell on hard times, and was last seen homeless ... Read More »

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