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In a tweet this afternoon, Ubisoft has made two interesting announcements for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. https://twitter.com/Ubisoft/status/888399852723240962 The tweet confirms that the Ghost War PvP update will be landing at some point in the Autumn, and the supporting blog post states that it's intended to push players to co-operate across teams in terms of both play style and loadout, and confirms that is has been built "with the community in mind" (which seems an odd thing to state regarding a multiplayer mode, but there you go). Perhaps most excitingly, it's going to be FREE! Before it becomes available though, ... Read More »
Do you feel like you are a dominant force in Gears of War?  Do you think you are good enough to win a large sum of cash for your skills?  If so, then grab your Lancer and go to war in the world of Gears of War eSports.  In a tweet put out by Gears of War eSports, they introduced the world to the Gears Pro Circuit for Gears of War 4 with a $1,000,000 prize pool up for grabs. https://twitter.com/eSportsGears/status/759898413831860224 Xbox and The Coalition are proud to announce the Gears eSports Pro Circuit for Gears of War 4. Gears ... Read More »
This morning The Division servers went down for three hours of maintenance. This wasn't just any old ordinary round of maintenance either. This one made two major changes to the way that the game plays. One however is much, much bigger than the other. The first and biggest change that the gurus at Ubisoft have implemented will affect lovers of the Darkzone everywhere. From today onward all weapon damage in PvP battles will be increased by 20%. This obviously means that every bullet that you put into an opponent will do a marked increase in damage, as will all bullets ... Read More »
Some good news has recently come out regarding the longevity of The Division and it's fabled "Dark Zone"... Normally, players are meant to explore the Dark Zone from South to North, with the zone throwing tougher and tougher challenges the further North you travel, but once you hit Level 30, everything changes. In an interview with VG24/7, creative director Magnus Jensen let slip how the zone changes at the maximum level: "One of the cool things we do is that once you hit the max level – level 30 – suddenly the whole Dark Zone re-populates with all-new content and ... Read More »
Bungie will introduce the new "Mercy Rule" in Crucible matches as of Sept 8th along with the 2.0 update. So you might be thinking right now... What is it? Well Bungie hopes this new rule will end bad matches quickly and discourage quitting and prevent players from joining in-progress. The Mercy Rule aims to identify these games in progress, and end them early. This serves three goals: 1. End bad matches as quickly as possible 2. Give players full end-of-match rewards to discourage quitting 3. Reduce the number of players who are joined into bad games via join in progress When the ... Read More »
Earlier this week Bungie had the second livestream on the upcoming Taken King expansion. If you missed it then see below - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4rwWia8LwM In it they revealed some changes that are being made to Nightfalls, Strikes and PVP details. Bungie wrote about the changes in the weekly update and this is what Luke Smith the Creative Director for The Taken King had to say -   In our Strike the Dreadnaught reveal earlier this week, we showed some and told some about how we wanted Strikes to move forward into Year 2. Strike replayability is augmented by variability. Bosses with ... Read More »
Tom Clancy's The Division will have a special player versus player area called "The Dark Zone", Ubisoft revealed during their E3 show. In "The Dark Zone" you can find rare and valuable loot, but there's the risk of being killed quickly, by anyone. Even teammates. Check out the gameplay reveal below, followed by a trailer for the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFfxzBQKFnY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bc2fv0jcgg Tom Clancy's The Division is set to launch 8th March, 2016. A closed beta will be available December this year on Xbox One; sign up here. Xbox One UK will be reporting the news from E3 all week, and if you'd like to ... Read More »

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