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Always wanted to throw rocks at everything you see? If so then King Oddball gives you just that – you little thug! King Oddball is a puzzler in the Angry Birds mould – but instead of launching hapless feathered friends you play as the floating King Oddball who, with his rather long tongue (steady there, you at the back), licks up rocks and swings them back and fourth until finally letting go, getting momentum and angle just right to squish as many unfortunate targets as possible. King Oddball’s format is a very simple one, as befits its iOS origins: you start with three rocks … Read More »

Tumblestone is an intelligent match three puzzler from developer The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and right now it’s free to all Xbox Live Gold members as part of the Xbox Games with Gold programme. Match-three puzzlers are ten a penny, often bloated with pay-to-win mechanics (we’re looking at you, Candy Crush) but perfect for the queue at the Post Office. Tumblestone is a little different. With 360 levels in the story mode – promising some 40 hours of gameplay – plus a handful of arcade modes and an interesting multiplayer offering, at first glance there’s more meat on this puzzler’s bones. … Read More »

A puzzle/platformer about a man dying of cancer… Hardly Super Mario Bros., is it? After a critically acclaimed period on PC, In Between, from gentlymad and Headup Games, is finally coming to Xbox One. Pitched as a complex blend of both satisfying puzzler and emotionally charged narrative, this award-winning video game offers platform gameplay that reflects the lead character’s emotional state. In a unique idea, the gameplay itself is based the scientific study of death – thanatology. That equals mind-boggling puzzles that involve defying gravity and manipulating the physical world. With its distinctive art style – those are some evocative … Read More »

I have always fancied being a ninja, that has to be one of the coolest things to be in life. So when a copy of ‘Yasai Ninja’ came along I was interested to say the least, let’s take a look at what we get. You take the role of two main characters, Kaoru Tamanegi (the onion) and Broccoli Joe (the broccoli). The onion has brought great shame on his master by doing what he thought was right, whilst wrestling with his thoughts in the dungeon he comes across Broccoli Joe – a foreign warrior with a cheeky chappy attitude. Joe … Read More »

Every now and then a game comes along that you think may not be for you but you give it a try and find out it turns into one of the most addictive games you have ever come across, right here is one of those games. As soon as I picked up my controller and tried the first level, a hidden inner bridge constructor was unleashed. I found myself thinking about support beams and symmetry in a whole new perspective, not to mention also wanting my bridge to look pretty as well as being functional (laugh if you like but … Read More »

Pirates, Mysteries and Danger await you in this superb title Imagine owning a museum, being in charge of wonderful artifacts from various ages that span the length of time. But what if one of those era’s has a detrimental effect, an effect so great it will change you and your family forever? The age of the pirates has a curse that they want lifting and the only way this is possible, by taking your daughter. Not is all as it seems though, why would pirates choose her over others? You quickly work out that the villain is involved in a … Read More »

Time for some sugar coated fun that you wont be able to put down Do you like yummy treats? CHECK!! Do you like the Circus? CHECK!! Well do we have a treat in store for you, combine the first two questions together and you come up with Yummy Circus. This game could actually be the most addictive, super colorful and varied brain tester yet since confectionery began. Team up with another 8 players online and 4 players locally to experience an exciting adventure with more than 300 beautifully handcrafted levels baked to perfection. Join Ginger and all his yummy friends in an … Read More »

This unique space puzzler on Xbox One features two half-witted characters whose space suits are linked together by a single air hose! See our previous article on the hapless duo. You can enjoy this as a single player or get a friend to join you either locally or online for this humorous adventure. It is available now from the Xbox store for £13.99. Developers Rock Pocket Games have now released a behind the scenes look  – Make sure you like us on Facebook and Follow on Twitter for all the latest Xbox One news.

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