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Microsoft is keen to ensure that it's next console, Project Scorpio is a desirable purchase from day 1 and that means having a range of games available from the get-go that really allow the platform to demonstrate all the powerful features that it will be equipped with. Speaking with IGN at the start of the month, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said, "For people who think that there’s some massive AAA game sitting in my back pocket that I haven’t announced yet that I will at E3 and ship it this Fall- it could happen." In terms of what we can expect ... Read More »
It has been announced by Microsoft that the Xbox one 'family' of consoles will receive a Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality headset in 2018. This is the first kind of MR headset, as Microsoft appear to be shunning the VR term. The hardware, by Acer, will begin shipping to developers this month as part of a phased rollout system. This will give developers access to the software development kit and Windows 10 Insider preview builds. Although right now the focus is on and leading with PC, a Windows blog post confirms plans to bring the hardware to Xbox. Alex Kipman of Microsoft said; “We’re also excited to ... Read More »
After our earlier report of a sequel to Shadow of Mordor being spotted at American retailer Target, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment have now confirmed that Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 this summer. Monolith Productions are again at the helm, and that can only be a good thing after the praise Shadow of Mordor received.  Talion and Celebrimbor both return as Warner have said they need to go 'behind enemy lines' to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron. The events in the game are set between The ... Read More »
It has been discovered how the Scorpio will put it's extra teraflops to use, when not in game mode. Sources at Windows Central claim that the system will utilise a new dashboard that will take full advantage of the extra power under the hood. The Scorpio will use the same language design as Windows 10, yet will harvest something extra. The team at Windows Central said; "We've spoken to some sources familiar with Microsoft's plans who have confirmed to us that Scorpio will see the same Project NEON design language as Windows 10. 'The "Motion" portion refers to elements of NEON itself, ... Read More »
Major Nelson has lifted the lid on Microsoft's E3 media briefing via Twiiter. And there's a change to the normal schedule. Having normally been first out the gate on Monday at 9am Pacific time (5pm to us in the UK), Microsoft will now be moving a day earlier to Sunday June 11th at 2pm Pacific, or in conversion, 10pm GMT. This could be seen as a big move for Microsoft who have always held the Monday morning slot for many years. But save the date and book time off work, this conference will highly likely lift the lid on Scorpio ... Read More »
Last year at E3 Phil Spencer announced Project Scorpio, the most powerful games console on the planet. For a moment the world stood still, then the clamour for details started and it hasn't stopped since. Recently a leak has come to light detailing a few of the technical specifications and at times they make for a surprising read. For a start the Project Scorpio won't contain ESRAM. This has been a staple of the Xbox ONe's technology up until this point. This won't make a massive difference to begin with as all developers will have to develop games for both ... Read More »
Most people are aware that when Microsoft launched the Xbox One initial sales volumes were disappointing, to the point where Microsoft no longer reported on sales figures. While any number of factors could have been influential, Microsoft certainly don't want a repeat of this when they launch the highly anticipated Xbox One Scorpio, (expected at the end of this year). Pricing is always a critical factor when launching any product and it is vital for Microsoft to get it right - price the Scorpio too high initially and it will be out of reach for the die-hard, early adopter fans who ... Read More »
After the announcement of Project Scorpio at last years E3, we have heard very little information on the console proposed to be the most powerful ever. But first, let's have a look at what we do know. Aside from the specs, XBox's Phil Spencer has previously gone on record to say that development is coming along smoothly and 'ahead of schedule'. Those very words whet eager fans appetite with a potential release before Holiday 2017, as was touted at E3. That was seven months away and a lot has happened in the industry since then. Look at Sony who have in ... Read More »
Last year was a great year for Xbox.  With the console holding strong in sales through multiple months and gaining ground on the competition, there was plenty reasons to celebrate.  With 2016 now closed, it's time to recap on how Xbox finished the year and they did it in style.  Some key figures reported on by corporate vice president for Xbox marketing Mike Nichols show that December 2016 was the highest sales month ever for Xbox One.  Even though the console launched in November 2013, three years later and the console sold more in that month than at launch.  On ... Read More »

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