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The latest Preview build for the Xbox has gone a little a little wrong for some people. It seems that whilst downloading the latest update for some reason, it stops. Unfortunately, as Microsoft explains, if you are affected then you will need to do a full reset. Beta testers often get the benefits of early access to a number of features that can enhance the experience but unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong. If you are part of the Preview programme and had this happen to you, follow the steps below to reset your console. How to reset your Xbox … Read More »

Preview Programme members choose to get involved early, providing feedback on new dashboard changes and helping shape the Xbox One experience for everyone. With that comes the expectation that things will be a little more ‘shoogly’ for them than their non preview friends. Preview members expect the occasional crash, weird text and – although rarely – a complete factory reset to get things working again. Comes with the territory. It’s important to remember that every failure and crash is one less failure or crash that’ll occur when the update rolls out to all. And later today – according to Brad … Read More »

Boop-de-bing. That’s the microwave. My pizza’s ready! No. No it’s not. It’s just my Xbox starting up with the least butch sound imaginable. This thing cost me £400 and when I press the capacitive button to turn it on I get a noise that sounds like my mobile phone battery is low. In the 1990s. Oh, if only there was a way to change that! Boop-de-bing. There it is again (when my cat walked past the box and turned it on. Don’t get me started on capacitive buttons). Well, now you can stop your Xbox One sounding like a microwave. In … Read More »

Universal Windows Apps are coming to Xbox as part of the summer update programme, which – alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – will bring a whole host of new features to Xbox One. The Windows 10 Store hasn’t – yet – succumbed to the tidal wave of shoddy and fake apps that you might find in, for example, another company’s Play store but there are certainly a few oddities that you might be surprised to find in a Microsoft-curated store front. One of these is Win64e10 – a Nintendo 64 emulator that runs on Windows 10 PCs. Of course, the whole area … Read More »

In case you didn’t know, Xbox allows certain games to ‘test’ the water on Xbox One. Utilising the Game preview section, devs are able to have their game in the store in a type of pre-release format. This allows them to optimise the game and iron out any major bugs before the final release, it also means that for you – the consumer – you have access to an ‘as yet’ unfinished game at a reduced cost. It’s a gamble, to say the least, as purchasing a preview game will ultimately have one of 2 outcomes. Either you will get the game at a … Read More »

Some weeks are quiet weeks. Some weeks are big weeks. With major updates for two of the biggest games around, this was one of the bigger ones. Here are last week’s top stories. Destiny dominated the start of the week and coverage was, disappointingly, accompanied by whiny voices of lapsed Guardians proclaiming, “Nobody plays that any more!” That’s just not true. Millions of people play it. Not as many as at launch, and not as many as when The Taken King warped into Saturn’s orbit, but millions still play. Get over it. On Monday our coverage of the update preview … Read More »

Over the last day or so some of you may have received an invitation from Xbox to participate in the Gigantic closed BETA. The invite seems to be rolling out to preview members only at the moment as it is available through the Xbox Preview App. If you’re a preview member and haven’t yet received the invitation it’s worth checking your messages in case you’ve missed it. The message you’re looking for will come direct from Xbox Live and will be worded along the lines of the below: Go Gigantic this weekend and play in the Gigantic Closed Beta, an … Read More »

I think we can all agree Twitter is a wonderful thing, not only can you spend inordinate amounts of timing stalking celebrities and sports personalities but also every now and again you can pick up juicy bits of gaming related information, these pieces of information can be related to any number of things, including but not limited to, DLC release dates, patch information or game and system updates. These tweets can be either straight up confirmations or teasers and this time it’s the latter. The tweet in question is from one Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for Xbox, and it relates … Read More »

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