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A week is a long time in gaming. Some titles take a tumble, some stand tall and retain their ground. This week is no exception as Ghost Recon: Wildlands has held on to the best selling spot on Amazon. It's long time partner at the top of the chart, Lego Worlds, has nose dived down to 19th. Immortality runs riot for GTA V. Not only is the over two year old title (on Xbox One at least) consistent in holding firm within the top ten, this week sees the San Andreas hit climb up to second spot. Elsewhere the recently ... Read More »
As the title suggests, if you have Dead rising 4 on order then its time to get it installed ready for release on 6/12/2016. Over a month before release and its available for download... this does seem to rather early, however an image has appeared on Reddit suggesting just that:   With over a month until Dead Rising 4 official release, is it possible there could be a last mintue Beta test about to become available, or even a late Demo? only time will tell. Don’t forget to join our Facebook  group, like our Facebook page and follow us on ... Read More »
When Titanfall was first announced in 2013 people got very excited very quickly. Great FPS action and giant fighting robots, what more could we ask for? The pre-orders flew in and twelve weeks before launch there was over 160,000 pre-orders in the US alone. After the launch of the game its popularity soon began to falter which was a shame for a game that had so much promise. It's player base became so small that EA took of the number of players currently playing feature so you couldn't see how many players were actually playing. It also became a little ... Read More »
For those waiting to get their hands on the remastered edition of Skyrim and the sort-of remake Dead Rising 4, you can now pre-order both games from the Xbox store. According to Major Nelson, Xbox’s Community Manager, not only can you now be first in line to get the games, you’ll also be able to pre-download the game in anticipation of the games’ releases. https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/765243549160005636 https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/765261027449696256 You can grab Skyrim by hitting the link here; Dead Rising 4 is available here. The special edition of The Elder Scrolls V promises a graphical overhaul, while the zombie-whack-a-thon, Dead Rising 4 will ... Read More »
Who likes new Sparrows? Who am I kidding? We all do. Look at this Gjallarwing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBnW6JQFPQM This sweet baby is your's on September 20th... but only if you pre-order Rise of Iron. After that, who knows if you'll get it again... This Week At Bungie, it was confirmed that Bungie are making an appearance at Gamescom in Cologne. In fact, they'll be live streaming some upcoming additions to the Crucible. Should be fun. Anyway, let's break this week down: We get a peak behind the curtain of Bungie Day, not for the community, but the creators. Seems like the whole ... Read More »
Earlier on, we reported that the upcoming Xbox One S will be getting the full COG treatment, courtesy of the leakmaster himself Ekim. Turns out he's right once again. Coming complete with the classic Crimson Omen and an in-built 2TB hard drive, this Gears of War themed Xbox One S bundle also has a sweet blood splattered controller (also sold separately), a download code for the upcoming Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition, early access to the game on October 7th, and a slew of in-game goodies. Not only that, but we've also got a second custom controller with a ... Read More »
You heard that right if you pre-order Destiny - Rise of Iron expansion pack you will receive the fabled Gjallarhorn gun that divided the community's opinion so much that some loved it and some hated it. That usually depended on whether you actually had the rocket launcher or not. It was super powerful so much so some people refused to play with others if they didn't have the mighty weapon in their inventory. Until Bungie stepped in and made some major changes and as everyone knows dropped it from the Year 2 inventory. The mighty Gjallarhorn is back though and ... Read More »
We all know DOOM's release is approaching fast- Friday May 3rd. And to avoid dissapointment many of you will be pre ordering the game from your favourite game supplier. I personally have gone with the Collectors edition to get the fully-realized 12” tall collector’s statue of one of the game’s most iconic demons: the Revenant. If you would like to know more about the collectors edition, visit our previous article here. If its a bit out of your budget (costing roughly £100), then you needn't worry as Microsoft have you covered. Visit the Xbox Store and you will find they are ... Read More »
Those of you looking the pre-order the new Hitman game, you're back in luck, as Square Enix and Io-Interactive have announced they're allowing pre-orders once again for the latest of Agent 47's adventures. The game will be released on March 11th, with only a handful of episodes. New missions and locations will then be added over the rest of 2016. Regarding the pre-orders, Square Enix are offering two packages; the "Full Experience", which gives you everything as and when it comes out for £44.99, or the "Intro Pack", which offers the prologue and Paris episode only for £11.99. If you ... Read More »

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