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Who doesn't like the theatre? The beautiful scenery, the great performances of the actors, the excitement of the audience, what is there not to like? One of the most inspiring parts of the theatre experience is the talent of the actors, well most of the time it is anyway. Talent not included is a platforming game in a theatrical setting, but as the title of the game suggest, the actors aren't the most talented bunch. Not at acting anyway. Their jumping and combat abilities are much better though and in this instance, that is a very good thing. Like any ... Read More »
Do you ever miss the games of yore? Do you reminisce about the pleasures that such games as Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog brought you? Indie developer zBillions is looking to bring back the great joy that was the platform game with their beautiful looking game, Little Hawk. Throughout Little Hawk you play as one of two characters. At some points you will play as Little Hawk and at others Kyra. You are tasked with saving your village, as well as saving the chieftain's daughter. To do this you must restore magical totems and defeat the enemies that have taken ... Read More »
There are no words in Teslagrad, save the title screen and closing credits, yet this puzzle-platformer from developer Rain Games tells a cohesive, flowing, and engaging story. That it manages to tell any kind of story without words is an achievement; Teslagrad's story is a complex one of treachery and greed, loss and hope, all conveyed through wordless puppet shows and still images. Remarkable. Teslagrad is a game that is many things at the same time. It is a platform game that has puzzles, it's a thoroughly modern game that's steeped in nostalgia, and it's a tight platform game played out ... Read More »

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