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It’s has been a while since the last set of tables for Pinball FX2 were released, but Zen Studios are back with a triple-stack of brutal tables. All three are inspired by the Alien franchise, taking a number of key properties from over the years from this iconic horror franchise. The first map is from Aliens which really captures the spirit of the James Cameron-helmed sequel well, even including authentic audio from the movie. The table not only looks sleek, but it has numerous film references throughout, includes a real story mission sequence. Table two brings together two heavyweights of Sci-Fi horror with an … Read More »

Here we are again, it’s Monday morning already but you have already made an amazing choice – you have wisely chosen to stop by here and that makes you awesome. Let’s not have a blue Monday, let’s make this Monday great by checking out our lineup of games heading our way this week. So arm up with a coffee, get that seat and prepare for the hype train journey – what will it bring this week? 26/04/2016 Pinball FX2 – Aliens Vs Pinball Aliens vs. Pinball is comprised of three distinct tables. In Aliens pinball, team up with the Colonial … Read More »

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We have some fantastic news. We're giving away four tickets (two sets of two) for Legends Of Gaming LIVE Sunday 11th of September,...

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