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Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been fairly active on Twitter recently, mainly to downplay the furore caused by the cancellation of Scalebound. Not to be painted as a broken record, however, Spencer has also been talking about Project Scorpio and whether or not we’d see anything before E3 in June. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have a clear answer: @Sn4kee@BeastFireTimdog Honestly not sure yet but I know people want this. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) January 11, 2017 It’s an absolute guarantee that Microsoft and Phil Spencer himself will be devoting a huge amount of their E3 time to hyping up … Read More »

Microsoft head of Xbox Phil Spencer has spoken out further to gamers after this weeks cancellation of the Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound. Spencer previously said the decision was ‘difficult’ but indicated that it would be ‘better for Xbox gamers.’ Spencer has now spoken out further about risk taking in the wake of the Scalebound demise via Twitter. Whilst stating that Microsoft will continue to take risks with games that get the green light, he said that “I know we have to take risks. I realise right now probably sounds hollow but I agree.” He further went on to say that the decision will … Read More »

There are a few key big wigs at Xbox that are always worth paying attention to, even when what they say is extremely vague and shrouded in mystery. One of those people is the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, even when Spencer gives out no real information his Tweets can still send his followers into melt down. Want a prime example of this? Check out the Tweet below: @BestXboxGamerEU January looks pretty good for BC. — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) 20 December 2016 See all the really good juicy information in that Tweet? Yeah me neither. That doesn’t mean people haven’t latched … Read More »

At E3 last year the head of Xbox Phil Spencer made our jaws drop when he announced that Xbox 360 games would be playable on the Xbox One via something called the Backwards Compatibility program. As of this week there are more than 300 games in program, that is after the release of the entire Bioshock franchise. The program has been a massive hit with fans. Whether it is for the feeling of nostalgia we get from playing our old favourite games or discovering classics we somehow missed, we love playing the older games on our current generation console. We … Read More »

Ever since the Microsoft owned Minecraft made an appearance on Nintendo’s Wii U, internet speculation spread like wildfire about the prospects of a partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft have been pushing the boat out as of late, trying to form working relationships with other platforms. We can already play Rocket League with PC players, but Microsoft and Phil Spencer aren’t resting on their laurels. Phil has been fanning the rumour flames a little bit more recently. In an interview with AusGamers, Spencer talks about the strength of Nintendo’s first party line-up, and how he’d jump at the chance to … Read More »

The last time we wrote something about Crackdown 3, was in our article about cloud gaming, but news has been scarce surrounding this title and it seems an age since it was first announced. This leaves a lot of room for people to speculate and assume, as what has happened recently with rumours regarding it’s cancellation. But never fear, as we can always count on Phil Spencer to shed light on grim situations. Crackdown 3 is still very much in development, Spencer clarifies on twitter: @JoshLuck1995 Yep, saw a build the other day, looked good. One thing I love about … Read More »

What could it mean? The official Xbox UK Twitter today changed their cover photo and profile pic to a familiar, green start menu and original Xbox logo. Alongside that, they also tweeted out an invitation to join them on November 15th to celebrate 15 years in the console biz. Join us on November 15th as we celebrate #15YearsofXbox 💚🎮 pic.twitter.com/oT6HKEKEP7 — Xbox UK (@xboxuk) November 14, 2016 There’s no word yet on precisely what sort of celebrations to expect, although given the prominence of the Original Xbox, rather than the Xbox brand as a legacy, fans are already assuming one … Read More »

It’s a system that’s caused lots of happiness and sorrow, depending on the week-to-week announcements, but the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program is here to stay. According to Phil Spencer though, the best might be yet to come. Responding to fan’s appreciation on making Blue Dragon compatible, he tweeted out the following: @HippeusOmega@Xbox Thanks, BC team just sent me their planned November list, looks to be a great BC month, landing some of top fan requests — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) November 2, 2016 What does he mean by “some of top fan requests”? Considering how much people have been clamouring for Skate 3, is … Read More »

Lately, rumours of the Xbox: Project Scorpio being ahead of schedule seem to have been picking up steam on the juggernaut that is the Internet rumour mill. There seem to be murmurings from the darkest corners of the world wide web that the Scorpio is well on target to meet Microsoft’s original release window. On that particular subject though there are more than just murmurs, the head honcho of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer, is less than quiet about how well the Scorpio team are doing. @RBeckerath I’m in a day long review of where the team is on Scorpio right … Read More »

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