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We’ve all been there. An obnoxious neighbor is having a huge, thumping party late into the night. It’s keeping you up and you’re enraged, possibly calling the cops on them in the slight hope it makes them stop and allows you to get some sleep. (Oh, by the way: if that’s never happened to you, then you are the obnoxious neighbour.) In Party Hard you take on the role of that guy. The guy who has had too much of a loud party going on next door. The guy who decides to do the only sane thing – kill everyone in attendance. At this … Read More »

Here we are again, it’s Monday morning already but you have already made an amazing choice – you have wisely chosen to stop by here and that makes you awesome. Let’s not have a blue Monday, let’s make this Monday great by checking out our lineup of games heading our way this week. So arm up with a coffee, get that seat and prepare for the hype train journey – what will it bring this week? 26/04/2016 Pinball FX2 – Aliens Vs Pinball Aliens vs. Pinball is comprised of three distinct tables. In Aliens pinball, team up with the Colonial … Read More »

One of Tiny Build Games more popular titles, Party Hard, will now be released on Xbox One, and will come with Twitch integration. Party Hard, for those unaware, unfortunately has little to do with Andrew W.K. Instead, you’re a long-suffering neighbour to a bunch of party animals, and in your sleep deprived state, decide to introduce everyone to your knife and the environment… Violently. The game includes things such as: A (not)serious story that follows a series of murders through the USA 19 unique levels with random variations on each one Use traps, cause explosions, become a ninja Multiple unlock-able … Read More »

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