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This is one for anybody looking for a summer sleeper hit. Double Eleven Games have announced that their upcoming third person parkour title Super Cloudbuilt is coming to the Xbox One this summer. Taking control of a young soldier named Demi, you wake up in a strange new world packed with a sweet rocket pack. It’s up to you to guide her through this new world, dodging turrets, obstacles and that pesky bottomless pit. The parkour seems reminiscent of Titanfall, but from a third person perspective, which can only be a good thing. Combine that with a beautiful cel shaded … Read More »

Gold members can jump and dive roll for joy! Mirror’s Edge is a backwards compatible game for Xbox One and is available to download on the Xbox store for £4.94 (or £6.44 for non-Gold members). Want to buy? Here is the link directly for the store This is the perfect time to re-play the story before Catalyst releases later this year. *Source Reddit Make sure you like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group, and follow on Twitter for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews, and competitions.

Dying Light: The Following is set to release on February 9th 2016 and is building up to be a massive expansion to the original Dying Light from back in January 2015. It seems like every day Techland is revealing more features and contents to this expansion to keep the hype train at full speed. The most recent update from the developer was talking more about the bounties, these are daily and weekly objectives to keep you coming back day after day. “Now that the Enhanced Edition has gone gold, we can focus on telling our fans everything they want to … Read More »

Dying light Oh hello new zombie game…..I had not really heard a lot about this game and I’ m not a huge fan of most zombie games I really only noticed the game after seeing a number of YouTube videos which I found amazing to watch. What really made me interested in the game was the combat elements similarity with condemned criminal origins. I really enjoy the hand to hand combat in the everyday items that you find lying around and the fact that you use them in combat to kill and smash various zombie mobs with. The combat system is … Read More »

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