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A couple of days ago we showed you the brand new trailer for the murder mystery game The Sexy Brutale. Well now we can tell you that the game was released yesterday to the delight of the developers Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works. The Sexy Brutale is a top down murder mystery game set in the Sexy Brutale casino mansion. The events play out in real time as you relive the night of a masked ball that turned deadly. To save yourself and the guests of the casino you must solve a whole host of 3D puzzles. You must ... Read More »
Trulon: The Shadow Engine is a steampunk themed RPG that has some very interesting mechanics which could be a nice addition to the RPG genre. Created by authors Johan Lillbacka and Jak Koke, Trulon: The Shadow Engine has now been released on the Xbox One. A strange disease is spreading through Maelon and Tripudia and no one seems to know where it is coming from. You play as Gladia and her friends as you explore the world trying to uncover the origins of the mysterious illness. The most interesting aspect of Trulon: The Shadow Engine is the combat system. The ... Read More »
There's something unmistakably childlike about the premise to For Honor, as if the game is a vehicle to settle the playground arguments of who'd best who in a no holds barred slobberknocker: Vikings, Knights or Samurai. It's a refreshingly simplistic concept; to just take the best warriors from each faction and have them scrap for all eternity because why the hell not, but it's a concept we can't help but fall in love with. Of course, there's more of a purpose here than just kicking the crap out of history's greatest combatants, but it's as much purpose as you need. ... Read More »
Star Trek Online is a free to play MMORPG that is set in the universe of everyone's favourite cult TV series. The third official expansion has now been released and is called Agents of Yesterday which gives you some idea of what it entails. Agents of Yesterday is based on the famous TV show and gives you the chance to play completely new missions, fly classic spacecrafts and explore story content in an episodic fashion. The main storyline sees timelines and universes colliding as enemies attempt to destroy the past. You will be able to create a new unique captain ... Read More »
Anyone who has ever played any kind of shooter is familiar with the sniper.  A sniper can be your worst nightmare of the guy camping in the back of a map picking you off.  It could be the amazing player running around and quick scoping your life away.  Or maybe it's even that awesome jumping amazing no scope that leaves you scratching your head #360NoScopeYOLO.  However there is an intelligent art form that comes with real world sniping.  Things such as wind speed, gravity, distance, and even the curvature of the earth can play a factor in a sniper's shot. ... Read More »
Today is the day that we have all been waiting for, well some of us have anyway. The twin stick shooter 8DAYS has finally been released on the Xbox One and is all of the crazy fun that you would expect from such a game. 8DAYS is a top down scrolling twin stick shooter that sees you playing as two mercenaries Lola “Wasp” and Mike “Ghost”. Playing as these two characters you will need to fight your way through five chapters of intense action. There is everything that you need from video game right here, masses of enemies, boss fights ... Read More »
PopCap have released paid DLC for their popular game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 to sit alongside the recent Frontline Fighters update. With Christmas fast approaching, the new DLC has been titled the "Festive Edition", and contains four sticker packs with the following content: 200,000 coins for spending in game Festive hat customisation for your characters - in true Plants vs Zombies style Instant access to Commando Corn. A Legendary character from the Frontline Fighters update that was released this week, who fires baby corn rockets which deal out additional splash damage Instant access to the close range, looty ... Read More »
Have you ever been racing in a game and thought how cool it would be to blow your competitors off the track? Well Gas Guzzlers Extreme, a game released over 3 years ago on PC, could be the game for you. If you're a racing purist, though, you might want to look away now! Jumping straight into the game's campaign you'll get to race in a decent vehicle and experience what Gas Guzzlers Extreme is all about - a bit of a mash up of Forza, Mario Kart and 80's classic Roadblasters! Taking a leaf out of the Forza Horizon book, ... Read More »
Respawn Entertainments follow up to the successful Titanfall released today, October 28th. One of the criticisms of the original though was the lack of content and in particular the lack of an offline solo experience. Some felt that this also impacted on the multi-player as the combat lacked context - a reason why these two sides were fighting, where the Pilots and Titans originate from etc especially as the game alluded to a rich back story. Whilst the original game built its story of sorts from its Multi-player, Respawn Entertainment have opted for a more traditional single player campaign this ... Read More »

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