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Earlier this month the Steep Closed Alpha divided opinions amongst the extreme sports and gaming fans who spend their down time playing video games. Some camps enjoyed the Alpha a lot and saw it as a worthy spiritual successor to the SSX series. Others quite simply did not enjoy the small snippet they were privy to, citing difficulties getting to grips with the control system as well as the travel times as the prime gripes. Those with very little positive to say about their Alpha experience have not deterred UbiSoft one little bit. The pre-release schedule for Steep remains the … Read More »

The Battlefield 1 open beta has been running since 31st August – but while Dice and EA have been keen to let as many gamers as possible know when it arrived, they hadn’t told us when it would end. Until now. If you haven’t had a bash on the open beta, which brings us two limited game mods – Conquest, the 64-player classic, and the frantic Rush – you better hurry. EA have let it be known that the BF1 beta will end on Thursday 8th September. It had previously been rumoured that Thursday might be the day when the Great War … Read More »

If you wanted to try out EA’s take on World War One and see what it’s like to ride a horse into battle before the release there isn’t much time left to get in on the action. The battlefield 1 open BETA signups close today so if you are not signed up to the BETA that launches on the 31st August 2016 then you are running out of time to do so. To Sign up to EA’s Battlefield 1 BETA you need to be signed up to EA’s battlefield insider program. From there you click register and state your preferred … Read More »

Those of you gagging to blast enemy players to pieces in a technicolour alien landscape will be pleased to hear that dates for Battleborn’s open beta on Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been confirmed. The immensely enjoyable co-op shooter, from 2K Games and Gearbox Software, will also feature an episodic-style story mode, with two episodes available to play during the beta’s 10-day run. You’ll be able to show off your ‘badass’ credentials (we know you don’t like to brag, but…) when the beta hits Xbox on April 13th at 3pm GMT. WHEN IS IT? April 8 to April 18! April … Read More »

Anyone who’s still on the fence about upcoming racer Trackmania Turbo, this is the news for you: an open beta will be hitting the marketplace on Friday 18th March. The beta will run from 1pm on the 18th until 1pm on the 21st March, so you’ve got an entire weekend to take on the game’s tracks, and even make some of your own, before we meet on the starting grid on the 24th March. As it is an open beta, the only prerequisite for entry is an internet connection and a can-do attitude. The full game will include over 200 … Read More »

Those of you chomping at the bit to revisit the quarantined city of New York, post-disease, you won’t be waiting too long now. Ubisoft have released details on when the open beta will be going live. Set your clock for 9am GMT, as the Dark Zone will be filled with bullets and betrayals once again. The beta will last from the 18th until the 21st, and we get access a day earlier than other platforms. It was also revealed that we get DLC a full 30 days before those other platforms, so it pays to play on Xbox here. The … Read More »

If you were lucky enough to take part in the Closed Beta for Ubisoft’s The Division a couple of weeks ago, you may want to hang on to your Closed Beta client  for a little bit longer. This week’s Open Beta uses the same client – with just a small (1.8 GB) patch to be applied. This was confirmed on Twitter by Ubisoft employee and prolific streamer Miisty. . @EdEMonster @TheDivisionGame There's an update to download if you still have the CB client installed. — Torie (@UbiMiiSTY) February 9, 2016 That patch is available now – in fact if your … Read More »

As lovers of video games, we’ve handled our fair share of apocalypses – cities, worlds, even galaxies have been destroyed and we’ve barely blinked. Apocalypses are huge. People are small. And The Division‘s Agent Origins live action miniseries brings an apocalypse we have seen so many times before down to a human level – emphasizing the horror society falling would have on ordinary people. The four films run to twenty minutes in total (if you search around YouTube you’ll find a super cut of all four films together, but we have linked to the official individual Ubisoft playlist below). The Division … Read More »

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