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The long awaited beta of Star Wars Battlefront rolled out yesterday and people started datamining the files instantly. From that it was found out that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett might get company from a few others of the iconic characters from the movies. So far, EA themselves has mentioned that the first three are “just some” of the playable characters, or Heroes and Villains as  they call it, that will be included in the game, but now we can also most likely add Han Solo, Princess Leia and the Emperor to that list. Seeing how these are … Read More »

Waiting to get your hands on Star Wars Battlefront? Well let me tell you then that you won’t have to wait for too long. The beta will be open for everyone between 8th-12th October. During the beta you will be able to try out three different modes across three different locations, these being: Walker Assault on Hoth: Fight in epic 40-player battles as a Rebel to destroy the Empire’s onslaught of AT-AT’s by calling in Y-wing bombers. Or, side with the Empire and protect your walkers while utilizing their mighty weaponry to crush the Rebel objective. Drop Zone on Sullust: Escape … Read More »

In talks with Examiner, Senior Producer for Star Wars Battlefront Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir talked about the community and their hopes for it. With Star Wars Battlefront being a fully online-focused game, the online community will decide how successfull the game will be. Ingvarsdottir mentioned that she has two hopes from the community regarding the game. These being that both fans of the franchise and players will appreciate the amount of time and hard work that is put into the game, and also that through playing the game the players will find new ways to do things that the developers might not … Read More »

Star Wars Battlefront. King of the hill. Please tell me how it could get any better than this? Star Wars Battlefront comes with a bunch of different game modes, one of them being the king of the hill-like Drop Zone. In Drop Zone, the sky is riddled with drop pods and it’s up to your team to secure them. It’s an 8 vs 8 match between the Rebels and the Empire where the main objective is to capture 5 of these pods, or hold a majority of them after the 10 min marker is passed. If a pod goes contested … Read More »

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