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Blast ‘Em Bunnies, it’s as crazy as it sounds! You start this carrot tower defence, first person shooter with a single cannon and bunch of raw carrots with the expectation of a cute cartoon shooter that looks to be as goofy as it sounds. What you get is actually something much, much more. Blast ‘Em Bunnies puts you in control of a carrot cannon; your mission? “Protect your land” from the invading evil bunnies. Sounds simple, right? “Protect your land” from the invading evil bunnies As a good little bunny you are charged with manning your cannon to fend off wave … Read More »

Get suited and booted, you’re up for the gauntlet run How are you when it comes to running, think you’re pretty quick? Well if you find running quite easy, how about we make it a tad more of a challenge – still feeling confident? If you just answered yes to all the previous questions then we have a treat for you, let’s take a look at Rogue Singularity. You find yourself on the edge of reality and in front of you is your challenge, a warp speed obstacle course – how long is the course, it’s infinite (Que the evil laugh … Read More »

We are back to the 1980’s but not as you remember If you remember the 80’s then you will recollect all the conspiracy theories and the mass paranoia that was rife, did you think they had some truth in them or was it just a load of old nonsense? Well here we find Majestic Nights and it proves something to us, everything single thing was true. All the secrets and cover ups now need to be revealed to the world, how you do this is up to you. If you want to go in and pump everything and everyone full of … Read More »

Hop into position and defend your burrow We all love a good shooter game to get rid of aggression, how about a shooter with a side order of fun thrown in? You can’t help but smile as your rabbit dons his carrot rifle and protects his burrow base by any means necessary, or if things start to get really tough then bust out the ever faithful runner bean rail gun. These cute critters come in all shapes and sizes and if that’s not difficult enough some of them have wings and can fly, that’s right evil flying rabbits attacking you!! … Read More »

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