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E3 is just around the corner and the rumour mill is working overtime. At this time of year we all look forward to seeing what new games and features will be coming to our special little console in the near future. Well there's one rumour that we're interested in more than any other and that is whether or not we can expect a new Xbox console anytime soon. We like to think that we're an informed bunch here at XboxOneUK but we have to get our information from someone and that someone has to be more informed than we are. ... Read More »
Another week another New Xbox Console rumour it seems, but this one has some real weight behind it. Brought to attention by Neogaf user Ekim the FCC, a united states independent agency that regulates communications technology, may have revealed a new model of Xbox console. In this case Microsoft is just testing the wireless chip within the console for FCC approval. Each FCC file has exhibits which include test photos, manuals and label locations which the applicant can choose to make unavailable to the public. What we can currently tell from the Neogaf post is that the chip is in ... Read More »
One of the Visual Design Leads at Xbox may have just revealed something rather interesting regarding Microsoft's next move when it comes to consoles, namely the Xbox neXt as stated on the leads LinkedIn Profile. David Gardner has been working at Xbox for four years and previously worked on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the Smartglass. These products are of course all readily available. The Xbox NeXt, which I will be dubbing the NextBox from here on out, is something that we have previously never heard of. This comes at an interesting time as rumors the rumour mill has ... Read More »

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